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RARE GLORIOUS Vintage 1940s 24” Zildjian Trans Stamp Sizzle Ride 3596 g GRAIL A

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Original price
$999.99 - $999.99
Current price $999.99
  • This is is one of the rarest, most incredible Zildjians I’ve ever seen:  a nearly 80-year-old 1940s Vintage Zildjian Trans Stamp 24” Ride Sizzle. Or 2-foot Crash Ride. Not “Pre-Aged”.

  • Just aged.

  • This massive Hand Hammered 24” is from the first two decades of ZILDJIAN U.S.A. - literally just after they closed the Massachusetts confectionary and brought the art of cymbal-making to America.

  • A piece of American business and musical instrument history.

  • At 3596 grams it rides AND crashes like a dream - it’s big, dark, warm but also naturally dry -compliments of the last 8 decades.

  • This is a Steve Jordan or Brian Blade piece - something that’s is deliciously sweet, unique, steeped in history, and drenched with the vibe. Forged a few years out of The Great Depression and outfitted with all 6 rivets like it was back in the day.

  • The 1940s Zildjian alloy is soft and warm and pliable and buttery. The metal from this era is a whole different thing. It’s aged and very malleable. Modern cymbals are rigid and stiff compared to the way this feels.

  • High and rounded over bell with very fine lathing and a wavy, Hand Hammered surface. You can see where the EAK drew its inspiration.

  • The stick attack is a perfect elixir of dry and smoky and smooth.  Being a massive 24”, you can draw myriad tones from its generous playing field. 
  • And for a 2-foot cymbal - this thing feels like it plays itself.  It’s medium-low in a pinch and very mellow. 

  • This can definitely be a straight-up Main Ride.

  • Or of course a Left Side Crash Ride.

  • Hell, you can even use mallets at the edges to draw out a magnificent Dark swelling Crash.

  • Whatever you decide this 24” is inspired, inspiring, and to be played and celebrated.

  • No issues. Typical light wear. Glorious 8-decade old patina.

  • This is a special piece. A signature to build around and explore…for a long time. 

  • This is the end of the road for dark, mellow and sweet sounding.