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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

MASSIVE DRY RAW Unlathed Masterwork 22" EXTRA HEAVY RIDE 4608 g EARTH

Original price $269.99 - Original price $269.99
Original price
$269.99 - $269.99
Current price $269.99
  • I present to you, the one of the HEAVIEST, MOST FOCUSED 22" Cymbals you will find.  

  • IMAGINE A DARK, HAND HAMMERED 22" EARTH RIDE!! WELL, THAT'S THIS BEAUTY!! ABOUT 1000 grams heavier than a heavy ride!

  • Raw, unlathed Hand Hammered Masterwork Turk Style Natural Extra Heavy 22” Ride at a whopping 4608 grams.  

  • One of the heaviest cymbals you will ever encounter - and it’s remarkable that it’s Hand Hammered too. You never see that.  

  • Ultra Dry and focused with a deep and dark penetrating stick attack. Magnificent, raw and piercing BELL that cuts a mix beautifully.

  • The raw surface conjures up dreams of Mother Earth's tempestuous beginnings. Metals churning at violent temperatures and then slowing, cooling for eons until they reach their natural state.

  • With a bell as majestic Mount Fuji and a tone as dry as a Sonoran salt flat, this brutish 22" beauty delivers a dark aggressive attack that is unlike almost ANY other HAND HAMMERED cymbal in the book.

  • The wash is very, very controlled and focused.

  • Weighing in at a colossal 4608 grams this Turk style Ride projects with a ferocity (and that's over 10’lbs for a 22"!!!!)

  • Extremely SOLID! Extremely dry, dark lower pitched attack but still gifted with a pinch of that magical Turkish Wash!

  • Amazing for medium to extra pound music and LIVE. Much like the 22” Earth Ride, you’re only limited by your imagination.

  • No issues. Immaculate shape. Nothing like this Hand Hammered 22” out there.