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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$369.99 - $369.99
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  • “This one goes to 11!”

  • Here’s a BEAST!! I have a lot of respect for a Paiste making this one!  It’s what SHOULD be! 

  • Paiste RUDE 24” ECLIPSE MEGA POWER RIDE in very clean condition!!

  • No need to stare at a stock photo and guess at what you’re buying, have a listen to this 2 foot behemoth!  This is the exact cymbal you will receive.  Hell, most places don’t even have one on hand! 

  • Paiste describes this leviathan as:
    “ Bright, full, warm, deep, somewhat dry, powerful. Wide range, clean mix. Heavy response, very balanced feel. Clear, cutting stick sound over big, full wash. Extremely loud, cutting ride with an enormous, big, loud and deep sounding bell. This special ride cymbal was created by Paiste's Sound Development team in collaboration with John Dolmayan, one of today's most influential Rock drummers.”

  • There you have it!!  That is accurate except I would say that this particular 24” is fairly dark sounding.  It is 2 feet across. That’s pretty damn big! 

  • Tipping the scales at 4690 grams this unique wonder sports a massive 8” BELL and is all about attack and cut! 

  • The bell is simply magnificent!  Pull down onto the plain and this Rude opens up giving you a bit more body but still with a penetrating definition. 

  • Crash on the edge and the heavens OPEN (provided you’ve not been an asshole)

  • Magnificent condition! No issues. Light use. Great for recording and a MUST have for loud LIVE situations!   

  • This is the type of cymbal that really makes it fun to sit down behind the kit, and I love that Paiste spared nothing on the monstrousness!