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80 Yr Old Earlier 1940s VINTAGE Zildjian Paper Thin Hihats 13” 484 618 g Amazing

Original price $539.99 - Original price $539.99
Original price
$539.99 - $539.99
Current price $539.99
  • Vintage Zildjian Hihats - from literally the first 10 to 15 years or so of US production. 

  • ULTRA Paper Thin 13s” that are from earlier 1940s. Look at the Hand Hammering on this pair! 

  • It’s some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. And these are some of the thinnest I have ever seen. 
  • And didn’t Zildjian just celebrate their 100th anniversary by releasing some of these…

  • FOR $2000!!!  

  • Buy your own white gloves and save money. 

  • These Zildjians represent the Golden Era of American Cymbal making! Hand Hammered. Hand Crafted, and forged when a new form of music called Jazz had migrated up North and was exploding in New York City.

  • Hell, these beauties are from right when BEBOP WAS CREATED. 

  • Instruments like these 13s inspire me. Yes, of course, it’s the sound of an era - but as far as cymbals go, this is like owning a 17th-century violin. It’s had a LIFE. It represents a craft,  an era - but it’s all right here. Tangible. I guess that’s why I majored in history. I love it. 
  • Ultra THIN Hand Hammered 13s” from when “SALT PEANUTS” was a new hit single. 

  • 484 and 618 grams! Yes. That too hihat is in the 400 weight class.  Crazy thin. Very complex and whispy. 

  • No modern company makes anything like these. Although they’ll tell you they do for $650.

  • No need to bother with the “re-issues,” “vintage homage,” “throwback light Hihats” and all that.

  • Just get the originals. The 80-year-old ones. 

  • Ultra Papery, whispy, super dark, warm and breathy, extremely responsive old-school tone.

  • That’s what these insanely thin 1940s 13s” are.

  • They sound like they were pulled right from 42nd street.  This is the tone that brought musicians to Zildjian’s doorstep. 

  • It can take years of cymbal searching to find a pair like this - I know because I’ve done it.  It’s a miracle these one survived. 

  • These Zildjians are to be celebrated - for their tone, but also because of what they represent - a piece of American musical and business history.

  • It’s a joy playing 80 year-old cymbals! You can’t re-issue a life lived. 

  • No issues. Light typical use/wear. Great nearly 8 decade old patina. Remarkable that they survived the 80s.

  • Hell, it's remarkable they survived the 60s!!!