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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Paper Thin 1950s Vintage Zildjian SIZZLE Hihats 13” 559 648 g LIGHT WHISPY

Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
Current price $449.99
  • These are some of the nicest sounding old As you will find.  All 8 Vintage Rivets intact! That’s nearly impossible to find. 

  • Say you like Thelonious Monk, as I do. Or Art Tatum. Or Bud Powell. Or Charles Mingus. 

  • Now say you want some Hihats that call to mind something beautiful and soulful and emotive - like those artists and that music. 

  • Just go to a big box store and get some….some…some Hihats that sound NOTHING like Vintage Zildjians. Whaaaa???

  • For whatever reason cymbal companies have not been able to capture the tone of these over half-century-old original Zildjians….although they keep trying to.
  • And keep charging over $580 for their attempts.

  • Fortunately, no one needs to try to “re-create” a damn thing! This pair of 1950s PAPERTHIN 13” Sizzle Hats just IS! 

  • Just create!

  • 559 and 648 grams.   That’s very thin! And on 50s Zildjians. Gorgeous.
  • All 8 Vintage rivets on the top cymbal give these hats a distinctive 1940s or 50s Sizzle tone - many drummers used to play Sizzle hats, especially in jazz end swing. It gives a slight sparkle when opened. Easily removable but they sound incredible. I would keep them in. 

  • DRY from decades of aging and patina.  Dark and whispy. Light, splashy, and airy when opened like on a Count Basie record.  Light RINGO slosh when opened. This is the tone! 

  • The sizzles activate when opened, very light and subtle with a glowing warmth. 

  • These are the hats that launched thousands and thousands of recordings - in all different styles too.  

  • No issues at all. Absolutely amazing nearly 70-year-old patina. 

  • This is THE SOUND!  No more shopping for replicas and reproductions and re-designs. This is it. 

  • Go open The Cotton Club!