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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

LIGHT ISTANBUL AGOP Mel Lewis Jazz SE COMBO 13” Hihats 713 910 g Unique

Original price $329.99 - Original price $329.99
Original price
$329.99 - $329.99
Current price $329.99
  • Here’s a unique pair of AGOPs you will never find!

  • Very light and complex 13s”.

  • The Mel Lewis and the Jazz SE Special Edition Series are two of Istanbul Agop’s most popular series, and they come from the same family tree. So it’s no surprise that they sound absolutely glorious coupled together.

  • The top of this ingenious pairing is a Mel Lewis 13” Top weighing a very THIN 713 grams and the bottom is a Jazz SE Bottom weighing 910 grams.

  • The result is a pair of unique Hand Hammered 13s” that have a fast and easy attack that responds quickly and is followed by a light and lively, subtle complex sizzle when opened.

  • For thin Hihats they offer a terrific old-school chick tone.

  • Being 13s” they respond quickly both sonically and to the touch.

  • Perfect for very low to medium loud settings. 

  • No issues. Very clean! 

  • You won’t find these anywhere.