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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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  • Here’s a gorgeous EFFECTS cymbal you will find no where else! 

  • Nothing exists like this out there. It’s an ULTRA paper-thin FLAT CRASH EFFECTS Cymbal. 

  • And it’s a 16”! 

  • This beauty is one of the all-time THINNEST cymbals you will ever encounter.

  • That, I guarantee.

  • 770 grams on an 16”.  No other cymbal does this. 

  • Almost like a Hammerax. 

  • Weighing in at a flyweight 770 grams (that would be thin for a 14”) this 16”  FLAT Crash Ride bends like a soft taco!

  • Insanely responsive - easily can be used as a mellow effects crash on a hand percussion setup.

  • As you may know, the absence of a bell makes a flat ride very controlled in overtones and volume. And this 770-gram wonder is the epitome of that! 

  • Super fast, click-like stick attack followed by a light and airy wash that evaporates immediately. The brilliant finish adds a pinch of shimmer. Edges blur.

  • Crash on it for a desert lightning bolt-like-crash accent that decays right to the wind. 

  • Ultra-thin flat ride, paper-thin, wobbly crash effects.  Hand percussion accoutrement. This is a unique 16” and it’s a lot of fun to experiment with.  No one has anything like this.

  • Perfect for very low to medium volume settings snd recording.

  • Immaculate. Only played for the video.