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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

THIN PAISTE 2002 15" BIG BEAT HIHATS 802 945 g WHY PAY $480?

Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
Current price $299.99
  • No need to throw down $480 on a new pair of Paiste Big Beat 15s” and guess at what they sound like!  

  • That life would be awful.  Fortunately you can hear what this exact pair sounds like so that you can buy with confidence.  

  • Very thin Paiste 2002 Big Beat Hihats in the generous 15” size.

  • So luscious and warm and smooooooooth.  

  • Here’s Paiste’s take on these:
    “Full, warm, deep, wide. Medium wide range, complex mix. Responsive, giving feel. Broad stick over full, fat, wet open sound. Rich, pronounced, deep chick. Big, driving, versatile hi-hats for wide ranging settings.”

  • Weighing in at a light weight of 802 grams for the top cymbal and 945 grams for the bottom cymbal, these Paistes plays like incredible dark and responsive, THIN 2002 15s"!!

  • The tone is considerably DARKER than your garden variety 2002, as a matter of fact, the Big Beats could almost be their own series. It's surprisingly dark for a 2002.

  • Dark. Warm. Lower pitched. Incredibly responsive. Fairly complex - especially for 2002s, generous 15" playing feld. Perfect for lower to medium loud setting where you need a great response and old school sloshy tone!

  • There you go!  Sound amazing.

  • Very light use.  Great shape.  And no where near a guess at $480!