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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Dry CRISP ZILDJIAN 13" NEW BEAT Hihats 806 1081 Gs PEART

Original price $229.99 - Original price $229.99
Original price
$229.99 - $229.99
Current price $229.99
  • $360!  
  • Well, there’s no need to spend all that damn money to get this famous CRISP  New Beat sound! And who knows what those will sound like. 

  • I have a fantastic pair right here that is extremely tight and crisp - and a bit drier than the brand new big box store versions. These 13s” have aged well and are a bit more focused and crisp than new ones. 

  • As many of you may know the 13" New Beats was the perennial favorite of  NEIL PEART FOR DECADES! That's EXACTLY what Peart used on all those famous RUSH recordings! One of my favorite drummers of all time.  

  • Weighing in at a PERFECT 806 grams for the Top Cymbal, and 1081 grams for the Bottom Cymbal, these Zildjian 13s" exhibit that Classic Thin Top/Heavy Bottom New Beat Philosophy. They possess all the bright, clean, cutting tones that catapulted Zildjian's Flagship New Beat Series to stardom decades ago. However being 13s", they are tighter, higher-pitched, faster and crisper than the standard 14s". 

  • The CHICK is Solid and you can get cutting accents when you open these Zildjians. Again, this particular pair has a great semi-dry CRISPNESS to them! 

  • Great for all styles of music - perfect when you want a tight, crisp, and faster tone than the standard 14s”. 

  • No issues. Great patina. Semi-dry and TIGHT.