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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Unique PROTOTYPE 15” Istanbul Mehmet 1/2 Lathe Turk Style Hihats 824 1436 g MINT

Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99

These 15s” are glorious sounding! Stunning craftsmanship too!

A gorgeous pair of Istanbul PROTOTYPE 15s” with a thin top yielding a sweet and not-often-heard light complexity, especially on 15s”.

Dig the craftsmanship: the Top Cymbal interior is raw with a sandblasted finish with the outer 2” a Brilliant Finish while the Bottom Cymbal is Raw/Blackened like a Turk Series but has a rounded over Brilliant Bell. I know! I know!! THE JOY!!

A very thin 824 Top over a healthy 1436 gram Bottom creates the perfect blend of dark, airy and whispy when opened, but still allow for a very solid CHICK tone compliments of that heavier, unlathed Turk style Bottom.

Hand Hammered throughout.

Open them fully for a surprising crashability!  Shut them quickly and it’s back to tight and focused. Perfect for recording.

Perfect for very soft medium loud.  Put the heavy Turk Style Bottom on top for a more crisp and cutting option.

You won’t find anything like these out there. A hand made, hand hammered sonic steal for less than a pair of regular-ass big box store Paiste 2002s. Literally!

Unique 15s” with a brilliant musicality to them.  Perfect shape.