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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

CRISP Sabian FUSION 13" Hihats AA HH 854 1436 g K/Z style

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  • I never understood this:  these are Sabian AAs but the bottom cymbal is clearly an HH. It’s Hand Hammered and looks exactly the same as a Leopard Ride or HH hats. What the hell? And it’s actually an AAX. But the bottom is all the same! AA. HH. AAX. 
  • Like K/Zs …. But this pair seems to have an ounce of PAISTE in them!!

  • They’re CRISP, clean sounding, and have a pinch of darkness in there!  But they also have a bit of bright cut being 13s”. 

  • Earlier 20-year-old Top of the Line Sabian AA AAX Hand Hammered Bottom  13” FUSION Hi Hats. 

  • These Fusion Hats were Sabian’s version of the famous Zildjian K/Z Combo Hi Hats that a young drummer on the scene was fond of when they debuted- Dave Weckl…

  • ….And then of course he moved to Sabian.

  • Smooth warm classic AA Top with that Bottom AAX …..or actually HH. Check it out: it is UNLATHED and is Hand Hammered - like a LEOPARD Ride. That’s the look and feel. Monster CHICK tone.

  • 854 and 1436 grams gives these Fusions a tremendous sounding K/Z style bone-crunching CHICK when played with your foot.

  • And the actual HH craftsmanship on bottom gives this particular pair a pinch of darkness and warmth. Couple that with the smaller 13” size, and you have a QUICK CUT and articulation that is much faster than larger-sized 14” hi hats.

  • Sabian Factory Quick Beat Style holes on the bottom cymbal for FAST anti-airlock CHICK with your foot.

  • ULTRA CRISP. Tight. Very articulate stick attack that is responsive and fast! Subtle Hand Hammered warmth with a bit of darkness. Being 13s” they’re a bit higher pitched and CUT. Tremendous CHICK.

  • That’s these Earlier and beautifully aged Sabian Fusion Hi Hats.  They capture a clean SOUND!

  • Great for medium to loud settings. Anytime you need a clean cut.

  • No issues. The great patina focuses them and tightens up the attack. 

  • You can’t even get these on the regular catalog anymore!  This pair has aged and settled in over the last 20 years.  They sound amazing. And they’re not easy to find these days.