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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Full CLEAN Zildjian THIN CRASH 14” 880 g FAST CRASH! Punches!

Original price $119.99 - Original price $119.99
Original price
$119.99 - $119.99
Current price $119.99
  • Perfect for punches and quick accent crashes - Earlier Zildjian Factory THIN CRASH in the harder to find 14” size.

  • Dont guess at a stock photo - have a listen so you can buy with confidence! 

  • 880 grams.  Cuts exceptionally well for a smaller crash.  Punchy.  Opens quickly with a fairly quick decay! 

  • Has no problem cutting through a mix, but being the THIN A it’s not extra heavy or clumsy. 

  • Zildjian describes their 14” as:
    The Zildjian A Zildjian Series 14" Fast Crash cymbal reacts quickly, delivering a strong musical attack with a very fast decay that's ideal for punching through the mix at choice moments.”

  • And that is accurate! 

  • Use it for anything. Also makes a magnificent Hihat Top or Bottom cymbal if you like mixing it up and experimenting. 

  • Terrific shape with no issues and a natural golden patina.