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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Vintage Canadian Zildjian Sabian Light New Beat Combo Hihats 14” 894 1259 g

Original price $219.99 - Original price $219.99
Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
Current price $219.99
  • These Hihats sound fantastic - perfect for any style. And it comes as no surprise because they capture a perfect snapshot of Zildjian History.

  • This 14” Combo is comprised of a Made in Canada Vintage Sabian AA LIGHT Hihat TOP and a Made in Canada Vintage Zildjian Hihat Bottom.

  • Yes!!  That’s right. As many a cymbalholic knows, the Canadian Zildjian factory BECAME Sabian in the 1970s when Armand Zildjian and Bill Zildjian split.

  • And thus - Both Of these cymbals are from the exact same factory. One Zildjian. One Sabian. Both Canadian made. 40-45 years ago.

  • And they LOOK identical! Look at the closeups. Same lathing and hammering that became the telltale Sabian look!

  • And that is why they sound so great!  They’re brothers from the SAME mother!

  • Weighing a thin 894 grams for the Sabian Light and 1259 g for the Zildjian Bottom, these Canadian Combo Hihats pokey like thinner Vintage New Beat Hihats.

  • That’s the vibe. Tight. Articulate. Crisp clean tone with a nice warmth. Great CHICK when played with your foot. Open them for a semi-dark clean accent that cuts well without clanking.

  • Have a listen. They can do everything. And being this era of manufacturing, they have a particular smoothness to them.

  • Great from soft to loud. Studio to live.  

  • No issues. Great 4 decade patina chills and smoothes them out.

  • You can leave these hihats in your cymbal bag because they always have a place in music and straddle musical history.