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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE No Longer Made Zildjian FACTORY SWISH China 16” 897 g CLEAN

Original price $229.99 - Original price $229.99
Original price
$229.99 - $229.99
Current price $229.99
  • Here’s one you hardly ever see!  The 16” Zildjian factory “SWISH” was a hard find even back when Zildjian did produce them!

  • And this one is extremely clean too!

  • At a THIN 897 grams, this Swish is very dark and exotic sounding. It’s low pitched for a 16” but what’s great is that being the smaller size china it decays quickly.  Much faster than the 18” or 20”.  

  • Paper thin edges make it extremely responsive. It comes alive with a light swipe.

  • Unlike the Zildjian China, this factory Swish has a rounded over bell giving it a very warm and mellow tone.

  • Not as harsh as a China. Overall more Pang-like and exotic but in the smaller, faster size.

  • Makes a great effects cymbal for drum set or percussion and can easily be an alternate ride for smaller setups.  

  • No issues.  Extremely clean.  Very hard to find.