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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

27 YR 1st ED Paiste Etched Logo Traditional Medium Light Hihats 14” 897 1186 g SUPER CLEAN

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Original price
$549.99 - $549.99
Current price $549.99
  •  RARE First Year or two of Production CLEAN, ETCHED Logo Paiste Traditional Medium Light 14” Hihats in amazing condition.

  • These are some of the CLEANEST Etched Logo Traditionals I’ve ever seen!  No dents or waviness in the edge - which is very rare! 
  • And these are some of the best sounding ones I’ve heard. Complex but still clean with that inimitable Paiste crispness still present. 

  • Mellowed and dried 27 years. Exceptionally warm for this series.  Much darker, softer feeling and more complex that the newer model.  
  • As many a Paiste fan knows, the early Etched Logo Traditionals had a different handiwork and tone than the modern iteration of the series - they were much, much warmer, more complex, mellower, darker, and had a softer feel. And that is exactly the case with these 14s” from the inaugural year of production. 

  • As far as 14s” go, these are pretty damn dark sounding cymbals and they have more complexity than the modern version. 
  • The top cymbal has a low profile which contributes to the lower pitch and darker leanings. 

  • Aged, softer, mellower, played in feel but they look very clean. 

  • Dark, low-pitched, mellow, very warm. Fantastic chick tone.  

  • 897 and 1186 grams yield a fantastic chick still with that famous clean Paiste tone.

  • The now renowned Traditional Series was a foray into Paiste's dark tones and these hats are from the earliest years of production. 

  • They've aged beautifully and play like 70-year-old Hi Hats. The new ones don’t do what these do  - maybe they will in 30 years.

  • Fortunately you need not wait to find out.