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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PERFECT ISTANBUL AGOP EPOCH 14” Hi Hats 914 1066 g Lenny White THIN

Original price $429.99 - Original price $429.99
Original price
$429.99 - $429.99
Current price $429.99
  • You don’t see many of these outside a stock photo.
    Drop n ship.

  • But this pair you can actually hear!  And they’re one of the nicest pairs you will hear.  

  • And they indeed have a dry complexity to them - very vintage sounding but with more bite! Perfect threading the needle of Old World and modern. 

  • Amazing condition Istanbul AGOP EPOCH Lenny White Signature 14” Hi Hats.  And this is the thinnest top I’ve seen on these.  

  • Beautifully hand-hammered craftsmanship:

  • Raw bell leading into a very heavily hand-hammered plain - they look to be the cousin of the Agop SE Jazz series, but they’re a pinch more complex with a better attack. 

  • 914 and 1066 grams gives these beauties a Thin to Medium Thin constitution.  They offer a terrific focused CHICK and have a tight, controlled attack when played with a stick.  Opened them up for a burst of complexity - but there’s still that inimitable AGOP dryness in there. 

  • It’s that classic AGOP dry, organic mixture with that famous Istanbul complexity that turned the cymbal world on its head.

  • Being the Lenny White Signature Hi Hats, the attack is strong and it projects quite well - especially for an AGOP. And that makes sense because Lenny does indeed play amplified music - but again, this is a THIN Top version of these. 

  • Open as respond quickly, cutting attack without clanking.  

  • Terrific all-around semi-dry Hi Hats with a tight attack followed by a light complexity that decays quickly.

  • Great in low to loud settings.

  • Perfect shape.  No issues.  Harder to actually find in the flesh.