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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

SUPER CLEAN ZILDJIAN ARMAND Hihats 14” 917 1322 g CRISP No Longer Made

Original price $349.99 - Original price $349.99
Original price
$349.99 - $349.99
Current price $349.99
  • This is the cleanest pair of Armand Hihats I have seen, they’re as close to new as you will find: 

  • Wonderfully clean and crisp sounding and looking, No Longer Made Zildjian ARMAND Series 14”  Hihats that are in amazing condition. 

  • Harder to find these days! And definitely not in this shape. This pair has one of the thinnest Tops I’ve seen for this series too, making them very responsive. 

  • When in production, these beauties cost more than Zildjian New Beats. They were like a more refined, throwback style New Beat, and Zildjian charged for that refinement.

  • 917 and 1322 grams offers a classic New Beat philosophy weight-thinner top with a heavier bottom for a great CHICK tone and terrific stick response. 

  • This specific pair has fantastic CHICK tone with a light and slightly complex sibilance when opened. A pinch more lively than New Beats but with a bit of dryness mixed in. 

  • Crisp. Clean. Semi-dry, semi-bright. Responsive. Terrific stick and foot articulation.  Great cutting ability but still with a thin to medium thin top cymbal for lower volume response.

  • Focused and tight when closed. 
  • Absolutely terrific cut, clarity and stick articulation all with a specific nod to Zildjian’s illustrious history. 

  • No issues. The cleanest pair you will find these days  outside of a Time Machine.