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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

THIN LIGHT 1960s Vintage Zildjian 15” EARLY New Beat Hi Hats 931 1514 g

Original price $469.99 - Original price $469.99
Original price
$469.99 - $469.99
Current price $469.99
  • If you love Vintage New Beats BUT ALSO love darker tones…

  • Don’t guess at stock photos of new New Beats trying to do with these cymbals have been doing for over half a century.  

  • Just get these!

  • Vintage Zildjian 15” New Beat Hihats with a wonderfully THIN 931 gram Top Cymbal that makes this particular pair extremely responsive, lower pitched and DARK. And with a 1514 gram Bottom Cymbal, they retain that famous “NEW BEAT SOUND” that promoted a fantastic CHICK tone when played with your foot - thank you Louie Bellson.

  • Crisp, tight and focused compliments of Father Time.

  • Open them up and they still sizzle for jazz.

  • They do the Ringo thing. They do the 70s studio thing perfectly.

  • There’s a reason these are on millions of recordings spanning the genres and decades: sit down and it’s an instant song.