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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

CRISP CLEAN Vintage 1970s Zildjian New Beat 14” Hihats 970 1426 g

Original price $329.99 - Original price $329.99
Original price
$329.99 - $329.99
Current price $329.99
  • Classic Vintage New Beat CRISP tone with a hint of complexity. The top cymbal is slightly thinner and this pair has a light and lively tone - more sonthan  most New Beats. 
  • Don’t go $410 deep on a stock photo of new New Beats when you can have the originals and hear them first.  
  • Here we have a pair of very crisp, clean-sounding, articulate with a pinch of liveliness, VINTAGE 1970s HOLLOW LOGO Zildjian New Beat 14” Hihats in amazing shape!

  • The most recorded Hihats in history. 

  • Classic Hollow Logo Zildjian stamp on both cymbals in insanely clean.  Like they almost look new on that logo. 

  • 970 gram Top Cymbal, 1426 gram Bottom Cymbal.  These 14s” espouse the tone-honored New Beat philosophy of a thin top cymbal coupled with a heavier bottom cymbal to supply plenty of CHICK tone!

  • Again, this particular pair offers a great CUT and projection with a percolating liveliness and light complexity. 

  • Crisp, tight, clean, and articulate sticking that is focused - compliments of that 4-decade old patina. These beauties are drier and more tight and clean sounding than the $410 new ones - they have aged and focused up magnificently. 

  • Incredible for recording! Plenty of cutting ability for live situations.  

  • There’s a reason everyone wants Vintage New Beats!  They just do THE THING. 

  • No issues. Real Deal Hollow Logo New Beats from the 70s. Very clean for 40 years old.  

  • Don’t spend more for less….