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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$439.99 - $439.99
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  • Here’s a tone that’s instantly recognizable!  And these are the CLEANEST ONES I have seen. They look like they’re about a year old! Literally. 

  • Damn near impossible to find a set or 70s Sound Edges this clean! 

  • Vintage Paiste BLACK LABEL 2002 SOUND EDGE Hi Hats from the 8th year of production. 

  • 1978

  • Damn nearly 50 years old!!  

  • Hurray!!!! These are the real ones, the ones that made Paiste famous. No need to get the big box store new ones for more! This is it! 

  • Absolutely glorious sounding and so familiar to the ear, Paiste Vintage Black Label Sound Edge 14” Hi Hats in terrific shape. 

  • No need to go into the sonorous specs of these Hi Hats. Just turn on the radio. 

  • 978 and 1056 grams. Thin but still rocking. Just as you would expect! 

  • And yes, the serial numbers are consecutive. They’re a pair! And they’ve been together since 1978 which is a miracle in itself. 

  • Bone crunching FAMOUS CHICK tone. Darker than the modern model, hell darker than any model.  Drier too because they’ve aged a half-a-century.  Literally. 

  • Been on thousands of recordings. This is Paiste’s most famous series. And these are from the 8th year of production. 

  • Amazing shape. Crystal clear logos on top and bottom. Some of the cleanest you will ever find! 

  • Why the living hell buy the regular - ass new ones. These are a hell of a lot more fun to play and will continue to appreciate and age gracefully.

  • And they’re the REAL DEAL and inspiring. They sound like your favorite record and they have a great history to them!