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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Versatile Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats 14” 997 1439 g CLEAN! Don’t Pay $430!!

Original price $269.99 - Original price $269.99
Original price
$269.99 - $269.99
Current price $269.99
  • Here’s a versatile pair of CLEAN Zildjian New Beats - and you can  actually HEAR THEM before you buy. The industry benchmark!

  • Don’t go $430 deep on a new pair and a guess at what they’ll sound like! And that pair will look exactly like this pair after a few months. 

  • Zildjian describes their famous New Beats as:
    “The Hi Hats that changed it all - A perfect combination of stick and solid "chick", New Beats are considered by many as the most versatile pair made today. The Zildjian New Beat Hats are considered the most versatile HiHat cymbals in the world today. The original design was brought to us by the late, great drummer, Louie Bellson saw sought a pair of HiHats with a solid beat and a perfect all-purpose combination of stick and "chick" sound.”

  • 997 and 1439 grams give them that famous New Beat Thinner Top Heavy Bottom philosophy.

  • This particular pair is crisp sounding and cut superbly without clanking.  

  • Super articulate attack when closed, open them a bit for a supreme FAT tone. Wide-open they deliver a massive, cutting slosh. 

  • Semi-Dark and wonderfully golden smooth! 

  •  Clean and cutting. 

  • Zildjian New Beats: the industry standard of hi hats, the most recorded hats in history.

  • Clean looking and clean sounding. No need to spend $430. 

  • Save your money without sacrificing tone.