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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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THIS 22" is SUPER DARK AND SMOKY- partially HALF LATHED AND partially FULLY lathed!! It's one of the NICEST modern cymbals you will hear!   BEHOLD!! A GLORIOUS, HARD TO FIND MEHMET.....COMMEMORATING 60 YEARS OF CYMBAL CRAFTING!!!And hell it's completely hand made and a lot less $$ than a K Cons. NO need to spend $570 on that K Cons!  Posted for your immense pleasure is this HARD TO FIND yet so worth the search, Hand Hammered ISTANBUL Mehmet 22" 60th ANNIVERSARY Ride that is in AMAZING Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there areNOnicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this two toned wonder. Beautiful. Terrific Shape with just some fingerprints that have graced it and a light patina. VERY CLEAN!As you can see this THIN 22" is dual lathed, providing you with two distinct surfaces and tones.This particular 22" does a LOT. Great stick. Billowing wash. And crashable. Weighing in at a lovely and THINNER 2384 grams, this 22" hand hammered Mehmet plays like a Thin SMOKY DARK RIDE.  As you can see, the top has two distinct surfaces that are lathed in different fashions. And it is heavily hand hammered all over. Classic Turkish style. This 22" delivers glowing warm, complex wash. The attack is present and resides just above the wash...and you get that Classic Hand Hammered tone.And this 22" is EXTREMELY CRASHABLE!! It's one of the NICEST modern cymbals you will find - guaranteed! Obviously this HARD TO FIND Istanbul MEHMET 22" 60th Anniversary Ride is a no brainer for blues, ballads, trio work, folk, soul...and jazz. However, the fun doesn't stop there; use it ANYTIME you need a great, dark, old school, organic Turkish Hand Hammered Tone.Why spend $570 on a K Constantinople?? This 22" really IS HAND HAMMERED!And it's VERY HARD TO FIND!!! So do yourself a favor and grab this gorgeous RARE, 2384 gram Hand Hammered Istanbul Mehmet 22" 60th Anniversary Ride.And hang onto it. Check out my store and all of my other listings for more great cymbals and snare drums…