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$425!! I'm not even kidding!!!  THAT is how much a brand new Sabian HH Hand Hammered 20" Medium Ride will set you back. And no, I ain't kidding, and no that ain't list price. As a matter of fact, that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price. Damn!And why shell out your precious for a new one when you can have this RARE 20 year old COLLECTIBLE 20th Anniversary Sabian 20" HH Hand Hammered Medium Ride in AMAZING CONDITION right here.  Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there areNOnicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this Commemorative HH.  It could even pass as NEW OLD STOCK - it's pretty damn CLEAN!! 20 YEARS!!!!The best part of this HH is that it is remarkably VERSATILE!!!  This HHs is incredible - it's slightly dark and has the breathiness of a truly handmade, Hand Hammered cymbal! Weighing in at a lovely 2574 grams, this Top of the Line HH plays like a great....Medium Ride. The stick attack on this 20" is fantastic--strong. What's great about this specific HH is that it combines a strong, solid bell, and penetrating attack with the subtle, warmer and darker rumblings characteristic of the HH Series. The initial attack is smooth, chime-like, and fairly mellow. Being a "Medium Ride," the attack remains solid while a beautiful HH tone rumbles underneath. The bell is medium-low in pitch and piercing--simply terrific. The wash is controlled and the definition prominent. The overtones are dark, warm, and mellow and organic-consistent with Sabian's famous Hand Hammered Series. And when you crash/ride on this 20", all hell breaks lose. You can use this Sabian HH 20" Medium Ride on absolutely anything. If you're a rock, pop, funk, or fusion player and you dig strong projection and definition but still NEED a darker, warmer more organic tone, than this HH is for you. And if you're a jazz enthusiast, the mellow tone and great stick definition make this ride an excellent partner for a Dry or Light Ride. Either way, it's a workhorse cymbal. $425 for a regular-ass big box store HH??GET THE COLLECTIBLE ONE THAT CELEBRATES SABIAN AND HAS AGED 20 YEARS!!  AND SAVE DAMN NEAR $200!!So do yourself a favor and grab this VERY RARE, Top of the Line COLLECTIBLE 20th Anniversary 2574 gram Sabian Hand Hammered HH 20" Medium Ride. And hang onto it.  It's in AMAZING CONDITION!!!  Check out my store and all of my other listings for more great cymbals and snare drums…