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RARE DISCONTINUED SABIAN Signature TRITOP Rod Morgenstein 21" Ride 3347 G

Original price $269.99 - Original price $269.99
Original price
$269.99 - $269.99
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CHECK OUT THIS RARE, NO LONGER MADE MULTI-SURFACED GEM!!! $480.00!! That is how much a new Sabian Tri-Top RM 21" Signature Series Ride WOULD HAVE set you back. But, like most of Sabian's Signature Line, the Tri-Top is NO LONGER MADE! Regardless if you're a Winger fan or not (and you SHOULD BE,) this is a great sounding Sabian--like a DUO Ride but BRILLIANT and this particular Tri-Top is even MORE DRY. It's 3347grams! Offered up for you immense delight is this NO LONGER MADE BRILLIANT FINISH Sabian Rod Morgenstein Signature TRI-TOP 21" Ride in TERRIFIC Condition. Check out the pictures! There are NO...Nicks, cracks, dents, or dings, on this tri-lathed ride. It's in GREAT shape with a terrific patina that has befriended this 21". Sabian described this cymbal as:"Raw bell and perimeter deliver penetrating cut, with lathed bow and edge offering a solid blend of definition and tone."C'mon man that's POETRY!!!  And then you go get pizza at the Rainbow Room after the A & R guy and his stripper girlfriend tell you "You're going straight to the TOP kid! Here, now don't snort too much, we need to shoot that promo vid tomorrow! Goodbye Van Nuys hello Beverly Hills!"As you can see, what makes this cymbal unique is the 3 different playing surfaces. The bell is unhammered and unlathed and provides a SOLID "DING" tone that cuts extremely well. The 3" right below the bell are hammered but still unlathed, but hammered, and provides a prominent stick attack with a DRY tone that's semi-dark and fairly aggressive--similar to a Zildjian K Custom. As you migrate to the outer 5" of the cymbal, the cymbal is hammered AND lathed and yields a dry yet smoother attack with a subtle wash that floats underneath.AND ADD IN THE DARK SHIMMER OF THE BRILLIANT FINISH AND YOU'VE GOT THIS RIDE!!!! The weight is 3347 grams. What's great about this Tri-Top ride is that the theory actually works in practice. You CAN get several different tones from this cymbal. The bell cuts wonderfully well, the hammered unlathed surface provides a strong semi-dark stick attack that is also dry, and the edge is perfect  for a smoother tone that is still fairly dry. And you'll have sex wearing LA GEAR high tops! This BRILLIANT FINISH Sabian Rod Morgenstein Signature Tri-Top Ride is PERFECT for Rock, pop, definitely funk and fusion, progressive, session work and big blues and country. It's a great Semi-dark Dry Ride with a strong bell. THIS one is in great condition and sounds fantastic. AND IT'S NO LONGER MADE!!!Don't be a WUSS!! So do yourself a favor and grab this beautiful Discontinued 3347 gram Sabian Signature Rod Morganstein BRILLIANT FINISH TRI-TOP Ride 21". Check out my store and all of my other listings for more great cymbals and snare drums…