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DIDN'T ZILDJIAN JUST PUT THIS CYMBAL OUT...FOR $2000!!!!SAVE yourself the commemorative sticks and gloves!!!! THIS IS THE THINNEST TRANS STAMP 1940s 18" ZILDJIAN I'VE EVER SEEN!!1149 GRAMS!! EASILY BENDABLE!!!  GLORIOUS! This will END THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT PAPERTHIN 1940s CRASH OR LIGHT RIDE! Complex and light and airy!Here's a RARE Vintage Zildjian....A TERRIFIC SOUNDING SUPER PAPERTHIN CRASH OR ULTRA LIGHT RIDE!!THIS THING IS SOOOOOO THIN!!!!Hand hammered Zildjian and CLEAN TOO! NO modern Zildjians will sound like this 80 year old Vintage Zildjian TRANS STAMP 1149 gram Beauty...Offered up for your immense pleasure is this RARE Hand Hammered Vintage ULTRA PAPERTHIN Zildjian 1940s Trans Stamp 18" CRASH RIDE Cymbal in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!!  I'm thrilled to report there areNONicks, cracks, dings, or dents on this glorious 18"! It's in GREAT SHAPE with a FANTASTIC patina that has built up over 8 decades. Typical light centerhole wear.  The centerhole is the classic smaller variety.And to find an almost 80 year old Zildjian that is this thin with no cracks is really hard to do!!! And check out the Old School lathing and Hand Hammering--that ain't a modern Zildjian BABY! This baby can go toe to toe with ANY Old K!You will search for YEARS trying to find another 80 year old Zildjian THIS THIN! I know, because I've done it!Weighing in at and INSANELY THIN 1149 grams, this well over half century old Vintage Zildjian plays like a great PAPERTHIN Crash Ride!!  It's easily BENDABLE!!  A perfect old school Light or Left Side Ride.Semi-Dark. Responsive. BENDABLE!!!!EXTREMELY RESPONSIVE at low volumes!!  And wonderfully balanced with a great complexity!The edges BLUR when struck! And understandably so!If you want a Vintage tone then go to the source.THIS cymbal is THE SOURCE! And it's AGED 80 years!! Obviously this 1940s Vintage Zildjian 18" Crash Ride is a no brainer for jazz, swing, definitely BIG BAND, jump blues, hard bop, bebop, ballads, and soul.  But the fun sure as hell doesn't stop there. The great stick attack and organic vintage tone is perfect for funk, fusion, rockabilly, early R&B, early rock 'n ' roll, country, pop, session work, LIVE and ANYTIME you need a Classic 1940s Vintage Zildjian well balanced THIN Crash Ride!And if you're a collector, perch this beauty up alongside your vintage 40s or 50s tubs and welcome the serenity that will descend upon you. THIS CYMBAL is The 1940s ORIGINAL. THE TONE THAT MADE ZILDJIAN FAMOUS!! AND IT'S 1149 GRAMS!   NONE OF THIS 1710 GRAMS!!  And it's actually HAND HAMMERED!!Zildjian doesn't make ANYTHING like this these days - they released  a few for $2000!!Do yourself a favor and grab this gorgeous AND INSANELY HARD TO FIND, 1149 gram 1940s Vintage Zildjian Hand Hammered Transition Stamp 18" Crash Ride Cymbal. And hang onto it!! Check out my store and all of my other listings for more great cymbals and snare drums…