DISCONTINUED CLEAN 1980s Zildjian Quick Beat 13" Hihats 806 & 1020 Gs

Price: $209.99


That is how much a brand new pair of Zildjian 13" Quick Beat Hihats WOULD HAVE set you back! 

But alas, the Hard to Find 13s" have gone the way of the Pony Express. Ignominiously expunged from the Zildjian catalog.

But I'm not here to rain on your 13" hat parade. 

And so it is with unbridled JOY that I offer up these fairly Hard to Find, VERY CLEAN, CRISP SOUNDING 1980s 13" Quick Beats. These beauties have an undeniably CRISP, CLEAN TONE! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this wonderful pair of Top of the Line 1980s ERA Zildjian 13" Quick Beat Hihats that are in FANTASTIC Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are 


cracks, dents, nicks, or dings on these fine hats, they're in GREAT SHAPE with a light patina that has befriended them! 

As you can see these 80s beauties are overall pretty DAMN CLEAN!!  It's hard to find a pair of these 13s" this clean today! 

I absolutely adore Quick Beats. They are without a doubt the most CONSISTENT of all Zildjian hihats. 

Weighing in at a lovely 806 grams for the Top Cymbal and 1020 grams for the Bottom Cymbal , these 30+ year old Quick Beats are as BRIGHT as the equatorial sun. Classic CLEAN, ultra CRISP, Quick Beat tone. 

And these being the Hard to Find 13"s, the pitch is higher than the 14"s and they're are overall brighter sounding than the 14"s. 

They posses a very clean, articulate attack with a fast, responsive feel (especially the 13s".)  

Many people think that Quick Beats are just New Beats with holes and a flat bottom cymbal...


It pains me. Quick Beats are the most misunderstood of all Zildjian Hihats. They are decidedly different than New Beats-better cut, faster foot action, brighter, higher pitched, CLEANER, fuller tone. As a matter of fact they almost seem to have 1 ounce Paiste in them. Perhaps that's why I'm such a fan. They seem to be the perfect blend of  Zildjian and Paiste. 

AND these are the discontinued 13"s. They were rather scarce when they WERE being made. 

And this pair is in great shape! NO nicks, dents, dings etc. 

So do yourself a favor and grab these VERY CLEAN, Super Bright, UBER CRISP sounding 1980s No Longer Made Zildjian 13" Quick Beat Hihats. 

And hang onto them!

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