Price: $309.99

$440!! That is how much a new Zildjian Kerope 20" Ride will set you back. 

KEROPES AIN'T CHEAP!!!  BUT THEY'RE TOTALLY WORTH IT!However, "worth" is relative, so just cause they're worth $440 doesn't mean you have to pay $440!


And that new one won't sound as LIGHT and AIRY as this particular 20" Kerope! This one has a fantastic complex "AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh" tone to it! 

Offered up for your immense pleasure is this magnificent, COMPLEX and AIRY sounding, Zildjian Kerope 20" THIN RIDE that is in TERRIFIC Condition!! Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this great Kerope.  It's in great shape with only the lightest signs of use!!!

This particular Kerope has a real LIGHT Ride vibe to it, the spread is terrific but it also has a fairly quick decay - compliments of that THINNER weight! 

ONLY 1936 grams! It's definitely CRASHABLE! 

Zildjian describes these cymbals as:

"The new Kerope from Zildjian draws upon all of Zildjian's rich history and cymbal-making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage K recreation to date. Each cymbal is meticulously hand-crafted using a 14-step process that encompasses the best of everything we have learned in 390 years of cymbal making."

That's some nice self aggrandizement right'd be helpful if they actually said something about the tone...

Here's a little more:

"Dark and complex. Reminiscent of cymbals from the '50s and '60s yet distinctly modern and relevant for today’s music."

 And that is accurate...except again, this one is MORE COMPLEX and AIRY as opposed to super dark. 

Weighing in at a lovely and THIN 1936 grams this Kerope possess all the mellow, OLD School vintage-vibe tone that Zildjian is trying to mimic from the Istanbul Ks.  The bell is a large 5"!  It looks, plays, and feels akin to the Istanbul Agop OM series, but shhhhhhh...don't tell Zildjian that, they think they're breaking new ground.  

This Ride is wonderfully responsive at medium to low volumes. It has a great SEMI-DRY stick attack that responds quickly and is followed by an ORGANIC and surprisingly LIGHT and AIRY, COMPLEX sounding wash that decays fairly fast!  This 20" Kerope is more complex than most! It has a broad spread for the series.

And dig the big and beautiful bell-that looks old time-y for sure. 


This is actually a damn great sounding 20"  - even if Zildjian did bite off Agop. 

Crashable. Thin Light Left Side Complex Crash Ride. Main Ride for mellow gigs! BIG Thin Crash 20" for medium louder gigs! 

This KEROPE is versatile! 



There's NO NEED!! This one is glorious looking! And it sounds great too. 

And at 1936 grams its a great weight. So save some $money$. And this one is in terrific shape! 

Do yourself a favor and grab this beautiful Flagship, Light and AIRY sounding, 1936 gram Zildjian K KEROPE 20" RIDE. 

And grow old with it.

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