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$399.95!! That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople Crash will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest price too!!

There's simply NO NEED to spend all that money! And you don't have to sacrifice tone either!

Now check out this DARK, THIN, ACTUALLY HAND HAMMERED 18"...that costs way less!!

And this particular 18" has a nice complexity to it - of course it's still dry sounding and the wash evaporates quickly, but for a TURK Series Crash, it has a nice rainbow of highs and lows! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this gorgeous, handmade and hand hammered, Bosphorus TURK Series 18" THIN Crash Cymbal that is in AMAZING Condition. I mean STUNNING!! Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Hand Hammered Queen.  It's in terrific shape!! VERY CLEAN!!! SO CLEAN in fact that this Bosphorus could EASILY PASS AS NEW!!

Beautiful craftsmanship on this one too, fully unlathed except for a few subtle rings at the edge.

This is just a terrific sounding crash cymbal. And it is Factory Stamped "THIN CRASH." 

Weighing in at a lovely 1380 grams, this Bosphorus Turk plays like a slightly DARK Thin Crash. The tone is extremely ORGANIC, dark, DRY and Complex---which is not always an easy combination to find. The initial attack on this 18" yields a terrific spread with myriad overtones, HOWEVER, this being the unlathed Turk model, those overtones decay quickly leaving a DRY, organic sounding crash. And at only 1380 grams, this Turk is slightly bendable and quick and responsive at lower volumes.

It does have enough weight to project nicely and also to give it a full complexity for a Turk!

If you have a light touch you can use this 18" as a smaller DRY Ride or Left Side Crash Ride.  These unlathed 18" are controlled but still have a nice stick attack compliments of the unlathed surface.

DARK, DRY, fairly complex sounding, medium quick decay, extremely organic tone. Overall responsive with decent projection when need be.

That is this unlathed 18" Turk "THIN CRASH." 

Obviously this Bosphorus 18" Turk THIN Crash is a no brainer for jazz, blues, trio work, and soul. However the fun doesn't stop there. Its organic tone makes it perfect for funk, fusion, country, pop, rock and ANYTIME you need a great, complex and DRY Turkish Hand Hammered 18" THIN Crash with a quick decay.  

$399.99?  For an 18" "Constantinople" that's pretending it's from Turkey???

This one is in AMAZING Condition. NO nicks, cracks, dents etc.  SUPER CLEAN!  And it's actually from Turkey!

So do yourself a favor and grab this completely Handmade, hand hammered Bosphorus TURK 18" THIN Crash.

And hang onto it...this is a gorgeous instrument!

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