WARM HAND HAMMERED BOSPHORUS Traditional 22" Flat Ride! 2820 Gs CLEAN

Price: $229.99


$559.99!! That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople Ride will set you back.

And that's ON SALE!!!

OF course you can get a 20" K Custom Flat Ride for $380!!! 

YES!! $380 for a 20"!!  

Now check out this Hand Hammered Beauty Queen...actually FROM the former Constantinople and actually HAND HAMMERED!!!

This particular 22" Flat is ALL about the definition! Very focused, chime-like, DARK stick attack on this beauty! 

If you're looking for a cymbal that has tremendous articulation, a hint of warmth, and is subtle but not overbearing, then this 22" is a great choice.

And it won't cost you $380 like a 20" K Custom Flat Ride will!!

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Gorgeous and completely hand hammered, HANDMADE Bosphorus Traditional Series 22" FLAT Ride that is in TERRIFIC Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, dings or keyholing on two dimensional wonder. It's in GREAT SHAPE!!  Pretty darn CLEAN!!!

A REAL BEAUTY! Golden warm both in tone and appearance!

With a piquant weight of exactly 2820 grams, this Hand Hammered 22" plays like a Medium Thin Flat Ride. The tone is slightly complex & chime-like and it has a subtle glowing warmth underneath all that great stick attack! As many of you may know, the absence of a bell gives this Flat Ride an increased stick definition with a CONTROLLED tone. No matter how hard you lay into this Flat, the wash and volume NEVER eclipse the initial attack. And therein lies the beauty of this Bosphorus Flat Ride.

Medium DARK. Lower pitched. Fantastic chime-like stick definition. Controlled. Warm and slightly complex but with the great articulation and control of a Flat Ride!

THAT is this hard to find 22" Bosphorus!!

Obviously this Hand Hammered Bosphorus Traditional 22" Flat Ride is a no brainer for blues, ballads, trio work, folk, soul...and jazz. However the fun doesn't stop there. You can use it for funk, fusion, country, mellow pop, rock and ANYTIME you need a great, dark, old school, WARM Turkish Hand Hammered, Flat Ride that's remains controlled.


So do yourself a favor and grab this stunning 2820 gram, Hand Hammered BOSPHORUS Traditional 22" Flat Ride.

And hang onto it. It will age gracefully.

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