PERFECT DRY Hand Hammered Bosphorus 18" NEW ORLEANS CRASH 1366 Gs!

Price: $199.99


Here's a great sounding Turkish Crash that you really don't come across too often.

Spiral lathed to give it brown & gold rings!! SUPERB!!!

And it costs a hell of a lot less than a machine made K Custom Crash!!! Which is damn $330 for a stiff, machine made 18"! 

This beauty is actually hand hammered.

Posted for your immense pleasure is this terrific sounding, semi-dry, Hand Hammered Bosphorus NEW ORLEANS SERIES 18" Crash / Light Ride Cymbal that is in PERFECT Condition. Check out the pictures!  I'm thrilled to report there are


Nicks, Cracks, Dents, or Dings on this New Orleans. It's in GREAT SHAPE!!!  VERY CLEAN!  In fact, this Bosphorus looks BRAND NEW!!!

Here's Bosphorus's take on the New Orleans line:

"Captures the pure raw sound of historic New Orleans. Hand hammered and completed, top and bottom, with a continuous spiral from center to edge.  This pronounced wide lathing technique results in a cymbal that produces focused woody ride sounds and quick, dry crashes.  A must-have cymbal for the studio musician."

And that is accurate!

Weighing in at a lovely 1366 grams, this Bosphorus plays like a great Thin Semi-DRY Crash / Light Ride. The edges are slightly bendable. As you can see this cymbal has been slightly it alternating brown/gold rings.  

The tone is the perfect marriage between the Bosphorus Masters Series and the dark and dry unlathed TURK Series. The overall tone is classic Turkish Hand Hammered DARK and wonderfully organic. Wonderfully warm wash with a prominent stick attack-compliments of its Turk leanings, and it still has a subtle glow of the famous Masters Series-BUT, this cymbal is more controlled BOTH in overtones and sustain. A beautiful well-balanced cymbal! And this particular one is a pinch more DRY sounding.

If you have a light touch this 18" makes an AMAZING Light Ride.  It would be a great candidate for rivets if you're so inclined.

This Hand Hammered Bosphorus NEW ORLEANS is a no brainer for jazz, blues, ballads, dixieland, trio work, swing, and soul. However the fun doesn't stop there. It makes a magnificent Left Side Crash/Ride for funk, fusion, pop, country, R&B, indie rock, even mellow rock, and session work--great for close mic recordings. Use it anytime you need a CLASSIC Turkish Hand Hammered Semi-Dry to Dry tone that has definition followed by a dark, subtle wash.

$330 for K Custom Crash???? $415 for a K Constantinople???

Why not get one that really is hand-hammered?! And MUCH MORE musical!

So do yourself a favor and grab this Hand Hammered, semi-dry, 1366 gram Bosphorus NEW ORLEANS Series 18" Crash.

It's in AMAZING Condition!

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