BIG & RARE ISTANBUL MEHMET 61st Anniversary 24" VINTAGE RIDE! 2860 Gs

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CHECK OUT THIS BIG, THIN, & RARE, 24" TO CELEBRATE 61 YEARS OF CYMBAL CRAFT BY MEHMET!  That's the man Mehmet, not the company Mehmet.

DARK and DRY and SUPER ORGANIC AND SMOKEY. I will say that, in all those 61 years Mehmet learned how to make a great dark and smooth sounding cymbal. 

Oh and sure you could get a K Constantinople for $539.95, but why the hell WOULD you when you can get an actually HAND HAMMERED IN TURKEY cymbal and SAVE money!

OR how about $435 for a K Custom Dark Ride 22"?


And that's for a puny 22"!!!

Now, check out this 24"!!!! It's much more organic and infinitely DARKER and MORE MUSICAL than the machine made K Cons.

Posted for immense pleasure is this definitely HARD TO FIND, gloriously UNLATHED, HEAVILY HAND HAMMERED, and DARK AND SMOKEY 2860 gram Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary VINTAGE 24" Ride that is in AMAZING Condition. Check out the pictures! There are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this amazing 24"! It's in GREAT SHAPE, As you can see it's VERY CLEAN.  

In fact this Mehmet could pass for BRAND NEW!!!!

As you can see there is beautiful craftsmanship on this 24". The plain of the cymbal has a gorgeous hand hammered wavy appearance-like a Vintage Zildjian of yore, hell, a Zildjian of  61 years ago.  But, it is fully UNLATHED like a modern Turk Ride.

Here's what Mehmet has to say about the 61st Anniversary Ride:

"Dark and limited overtones, woody and dry stick definition."

That's all well and good, but maybe a little info on what this cymbal is celebrating the anniversary of would be useful too.  Just a thought. 

As you can see the hand hammering on this particular 61st Anniversary model is DEEP and gives this beauty a great, wavy surface.  And this is the SUPER dark colored 61st Anniversary, as you can see. 

Dark. And surprisingly SMOOTH--smoother and more mellow sounding than a TURK Ride, but this particular one has a pinch of gorgeous SMOKINESS TO IT!!

Weighing in at a lovely and wonderfully THIN 2860 grams this Mehmet plays like a great Thin to Medium Thin DRY and Organic Ride.  It's more of a mellow Dark/Light Organic Crash Ride vibe. The tone is wonderfully DARK and organic and fairly dry-compliments of that unlathed surface however all of that Hand Hammering gives it a hint of complexity underneath that attack!! The stick attack is prominent but subtle-this beauty is mellow and has an overall fast decay. The pitch is medium low to low. 

And yes, this Mehmet is definitely CRASHABLE. EASILY CRASHABLE in fact. It's only 2860 grams, and on a 24" that's pretty thin!!! 


And a TON less than even the K Light Ride 24".

Light Left Side Ride. Thin Main Ride. Big Smooth Dark Crash, whatever you decide this Mehmet is a WORKHORSE Cymbal.

And this 24" would be a great candidate for rivets.  Its dry and smooth tone would make a terrific foil to the sizzle!

This 24" is an absolutely gorgeous instrument!  And this beauty is rarely SEEN in the wild!

Hardly anyone actually HAS THIS ACTUALLY IN STOCK! None of this drop ship nonsense! Here's THE CYMBAL!

You can use this MEHMET 24" 61st Anniversary Vintage Ride for whatever your heart's desire. Obviously it's great for jazz, blues, ballads and soul. But that's only if you dream in black and white. This 24" in amazing for mellow rock...and pop, funk, fusion, acoustic and singer songwriter gigs, and definitely session work.

$540 for the non-hand hammered little 22" K Cons????? $499 for the K Light Ride??? This isn't a big box store 24"!

Why not save a bunch money and play something UNIQUE.

So do yourself a favor and grab this HARD TO FIND ORGANIC DARK and SMOOTH WITH A PINCH OF SMOKINESS, only 2860 gram Hand Hammered Istanbul MEHMET 61st Anniversary Vintage 24" Ride.

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