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60 YEARS!  Wow, what an achievement.  60 years of something.  It's certainly not 60 years of Istanbul Mehmet.  That's not possible considering Mehmet and Agop split in the lat 90s.  So, 60 years of what?  60 years since Mehmet left the Turkish Zildjian factory?  60 years since Mehmet first learned how to make cymbals?  Sure, why the hell not.

Regardless, why the HELL SPEND $540 on a non-hand hammered Zildjian 22 K Constantinople??


Amazing shimmering, LIGHT SIZZLE on this 22"!

Posted for your immense pleasure is this completely Hand Hammered and DAMN HARD TO FIND Factory ISTANBUL MEHMET 22" 60th ANNIVERSARY Ride Sizzle that is in AMAZING Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this two toned wonder. Beautiful. Terrific Shape with just some fingerprints that have graced it! 

VERY CLEAN! This beauty could almost pass as NEW.  And YES, those are Factory rivets! Stamped "SIZZLE."

This DUAL LATHED 22" is absolutely gorgeous!! DUAL LATHING means DUAL PLAYING SURFACES which means DUAL TONES!!! This particular 22" is very versatile. Great stick attack. Billowing wash. And crashable. All with factory rivets!!

Here's a take from Mehmet:

"At the age of nine, Mehmet Tamdeger began working for Mikael Zilcan, the grandson of Kerope Zilcan. Mikael Zilcan and Kirkor Kucukyan taught Mr. Tamdeger every aspect of this ancient Turkish art, with a history that stems back to the early 17th century. After completing a very busy 60 plus years at cymbal making, Mr. Tamdeger is very proud that we are still making original, traditional Turkish cymbals for today's modern music. The Mehmet 60th Anniversary Ride has the same profile as the Mikael Z Tribute Ride, with a custom lathed top of the cymbal. This special cymbal has old-famous sound with new design. Produced for the 60th Anniversary of Mr. Tamdeger's cymbal experience.

Great Stick Definition. Mellow Tone. Dark Controlled Overtone."

Child labor law violations not withstanding, that's an impressive story.

Weighing in at a lovely 2298 grams, this 22" hand hammered Mehmet plays like a super dark THIN COMPLEX Ride. As you can see, the top has two distinct surfaces that are lathed in different fashions. And it is heavily hand hammered all over. Classic Turkish style. This 22" delivers glowing warm, semi-complex and smokey wash. The attack is present and resides just above the wash...and you get that Classic Hand Hammered tone.

And this particular beauty is a pinch MORE complex than most!

Semi-Dark. Smokey. wonderfully complex. Medium low pitched. Very responsive. Crashable. And with a very subtle afterglow of rivets. THAT is this commemorative 60th Anniversary 22"! 

Obviously this HARD TO FIND Istanbul MEHMET 22" 60th Anniversary Ride is a no brainer for blues, ballads, trio work, folk, soul...and jazz. However, the fun doesn't stop there; use it ANYTIME you need a great, fairly dark, old school, organic Turkish Hand Hammered Tone.

Why spend $540 on a garden variety machine made K Constantinople?? 

 This 22" really IS HAND HAMMERED! And it's clean as hell! SO SAVE THAT HARD-WON MONEY!

And hell, hardly ANYONE actually HAS THIS in stock. Don't gimme any of that "we can special order it" crap! It's here. This is it!

So do yourself a favor and grab this gorgeous 2298 complex Hand Hammered Istanbul Mehmet 22" 60th Anniversary Ride.

And hang onto it.


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