Price: $214.99


$559.95!! That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople 22" Medium Thin Low Ride will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too.

Now check out this Hand Hammered SULTAN JAZZ VIBE Turkish Queen...that's actually DARKER, and more musical than the K. And it's actually HAND MADE and it's HALF THE PRICE!!

This is an incredible sounding top of the line Istanbul that won't break the bank!  Dark, complex tone with an AMAZING "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" wash!! 

And crashable!! This is an AMAZING sounding Left Side Crash Ride! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this lovely and definitely RARE, Hand Hammered, THIN, cousin to the Sultan Jazz Series, ISTANBUL MEHMET 22" FINKOX Series Ride that is in Fantastic Condition and comes in the Mehmet Bag. Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Turkish Queen. It's in GREAT SHAPE with only the lightest signs of use.   

As you can see it's SUPER CLEAN!!! It could easily PASS AS NEW!!! 

As you can see, this 22" is a lot like the Sultan Series, it is Heavily Hammered throughout, with the underside fully Lathed.  However the Finkox Series has a sandblasted finish, a la the Meinl Sand Ride, or even the Sabian Jack DeJonette Encore Series, which helps to control and dry out the tone a bit, the top has Brilliant/Golden Tone Bands as opposed to Raw ones

It's like the bastard child of a Sultan and a Sabian Encore or Meinl Benny Greb Sand Ride.  

Weighing in at a THIN 2290 grams, this Mehmet 22" plays like a beautiful DARK, Thin, fairly smokey complex Ride. The tone is CLASSIC Turkish Craftsmanship. The attack is strong and the wash has a beautifully complexity to it, HOWEVER, the sandblasted finish and Sultan style craftsmanship give this thin 22" a bit more of a controlled, slightly drier vibe with a medium fast sustain. AND this 22" does have a smokey vibe to it!  You can draw different tones out of this cymbal when playing on the different surfaces....Sandblasted or Brilliant. When you ride this cymbal at the outer edge, it really opens up and makes for a great Crash/Ride.

THIN in weight, exceptionally responsive. Overall darker tone. Terrific MEDIUM LOW PITCHED and DARK, Organic sandblasted, controlled earthy tone. Gorgeous "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" light wash!!! 

THAT is this 22" Mehmet. 

And definitely CRASHABLE!! And amazing sounding Light Crash Ride! 

You can use this BIG 22" Mehmet Sultan vibe Finkox Ride for whatever your heart's content. Its dark tone is perfect for blues, swing, trio work, funk, fusion, country, pop and it makes a KILLER crash ride for rock.

$559.95?? There's NO NEED!!!! This 22" is gorgeous and smoky with a hint of control!!

Why not get one that really IS Hand Hammered FOR HALF THE PRICE!! 


So do yourself a favor and grab this Top of the Line only 2290 gram, DARK and Complex Hand Hammered Sultan -esque Sandblasted THIN Istanbul MEHMET 22" FINKOX Ride.

It's a great sounding Semi-Dark Smokey Sanblasted Ride.

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