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$445! That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople 19" will set you back. 


If you're on a shoe string budget you can get a K Custom Dark Crash for $375! 

Neither will be hand hammered and they won't be NEARLY THIS FULL SOUNDING!!

And this is a very hard cymbal to find out in the wild!! Hardly anyone actually HAS this beauty IN STOCK!! 

And damn is this 19" nice! It's a huge sounding FULL crash or you can use it as a Light Dark Ride. 

Posted for your immense pleasure is one Gorgeous sounding LUSH Hand Hammered VERY Hard to Find Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 19" factory "DARK Crash" that is in AMAZING Condition in the bag. Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are 


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Dark Beast. It's INCREDIBLY CLEAN and has only been played for the VIDEO!

And look at the craftsmanship that went into this thing. It's beautiful! Hand hammering all over the place with a beautiful wavy surface! 

And if you have a light touch you can use this 19" as a very LIGHT Dark Ride - it has a nice subtle complexity to it for low to medium volumes! 

Weighing in at a glorious 1651 grams this Mehmet Traditional plays like Medium Thin Dark Crash OR Light Ride. It's FULL sounding when crashed upon. The tone is wonderfully organic, dark and LOW PITCHED. There are plenty of overtones swimming about in this 19". It has a wonderfully warm organic wash that breathes life into any cymbal setup. 

As a Light Ride it emits a subtle, warm golden GLOW that is controlled, compliments of the smaller size.

This Traditional is an excellent example of that inimitable Old World dark, complex, hand-hammered magic! This is an amazing sounding Dark Crash. Guaranteed! 

And it's incredibly versatile! Full Dark Crash. Lower pitched Crash Ride. Light and mellow sounding LIGHT Ride, this 19" covers a lot of ground! 

Sound too good to be true? I understand. I understand. However here we are. 

This Istanbul Mehmet Traditional is a real workhorse cymbal. Its dark, complex, organic tone makes it a no brainer Crash/Ride for jazz, blues, ballads, and soul.. Its got a great spread and it still punches and projects in any funk, fusion, country, world beat, and pop or rock setting. Use this 19" ANYTIME you need a terrific warm, dark, old school, FULL Turkish Hand Hammered tone. 

$440??? $375 for a machine made big box store drop-in-ship???

This 19" Mehmet is a K Killer. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 

So do yourself a favor and grab this AMAZING Condition Istanbu Mehmet Traditional 19" DARK Crash. 

Hardly any`one actually HAS this beauty!! And it's in AMAZING shape! And it's a joy to play! 

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