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Ah, Anniversaries.  They give us the opportunity to pause and reflect on how far we've come in a specific period of time.  As many of you know Istanbul Mehmet used to be part of Istanbul Cymbals with Istanbul Agop.  The company split up around 25 years ago.  So here we have a 61st Anniversary Mehmet Cymbal celebrating 61 years of what exactly????  It's certainly not 61 years of Mehmet Cymbals.  Hell, Istanbul Cymbals wasn't even around 61 years ago.  WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING HERE MEHMET???? Well, maybe it's 61 years of cymbal making, sure. Why not. 

Regardless of their lack of marketing savvy this cymbal actually sounds KILLER!!!

And it's a TRUE FACTORY STAMPED SIZZLE! Along with the Tony Williams Series, This is Istanbul's TOP CYMBAL!  It sounds like it was plucked right out of  1960s Blue Note recording! 

GLOWING WARM, AIRY and SMOOTH. I will say that, in all those 61 years Mehmet learned how to make a great dark and smooth sounding cymbal. 

Oh and sure you could get a K Constantinople for $570, but why the hell WOULD you when you can get an actually HAND HAMMERED cymbal and SAVE a TON OF MONEY! 

And this 22" Sizzle is way smoother than any K Cons. 

And so...

Posted for immense pleasure is this gloriously THIN and fairly DARK, warm and completely Hand Hammered Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary 22" Ride Sizzle that is in AMAZING Condition!! It's ONLY been played for the VIDEO!! That is ALL!!  Check out the pictures! There are 


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this GOLDEN 22"!  It's STUNNINGLY CLEAN! Been played for 52 seconds! That's it! 

As you can see there is beautiful craftsmanship on this 22". The plain of the cymbal has a gorgeous hand hammered wavy appearance-look at the closeups-like a Vintage Zildjian of yore, hell, a Zildjian of 61 years ago. 

Here's what Mehmet has to say about the 61st Anniversary Ride:

"Small very smooth bell bridge, dark and limited overtones, woody stick definition."

That's all well and good, but maybe a little info on what this cymbal is celebrating the anniversary of would be useful too.  Just a thought. 

As you can see the hand hammering on this particular 61st Anniversary model is VERY DEEP and gives this beauty a great, wavy surface. 

The edges are bendable and the cymbal PLAYS and FEELS soft and pliable. The whole cymbal blurs when struck. 


Weighing in at a remarkably svelte 2298 grams this Mehmet plays like a great Thin DARK Ride Sizzle.  It's more of a mellow Dark/Light THIN Crash Ride vibe. The tone is wonderfully DARK and organic and glowing warm!! The stick attack is prominent but subtle-this beauty is VERY, very mellow and has an overall medium fast decay with the subtle afterglow of rivets. The pitch is medium low.  

And yes, at only 2298 grams, this Mehmet is definitely CRASHABLE. EASILY CRASHABLE in fact. 

Light Left Side Ride. Thin Main Ride. Big Dark Thin Crash Sizzle, whatever you decide this Mehmet is a WORKHORSE Cymbal. 

And as you can see this beauty is primed for 2 rivets and currently outfitted with factory 2 brass rivets!!  Take them out for increased definition or leave it in for a subtle sizzle effect. I would leave them in personally.

This is hands down one of the nicest cymbals I have.  

And this beauty is rarely SEEN in the wild! Hardly anyone ACTUALLY HAS THIS IN STOCK!  None of this stock photo drop and ship silliness! 

And definitely not in a 22" Factory Sizzle!  

You can use this MEHMET 22" 61st Anniversary Ride Sizzle for whatever your heart's desire. Obviously it's great for jazz, blues, ballads and soul. But that's only if you dream in black and white. This 22" in amazing for mellow rock...and pop, funk, fusion, acoustic and singer songwriter gigs, and definitely session work.

$570 for the non-hand hammered K Cons?????  $485 for a garden variety big box store run-of-the-mill Zildjian K?

Why not save a bunch money and actually play something UNIQUE! And a lot WARMER and DARKER! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this HARD TO FIND, GLOWING WARM DARK 2298 gram actually Hand Hammered Istanbul MEHMET 61st Anniversary 22" Sizzle Ride.



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