Price: $229.99

$559.99!! That is how much a new non-hand hammered pair of Zildjian K Constantinople Hats will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too!

How about $500 on K Light Hats? 

$440 for A Custom 15s"?? That play like ROCK HATS next to these?

NO ONE makes 15s" THIS THIN, LIGHT and COMPLEX! These beauties play like old Zildjians of yore!  

Check out this pair of THIN weighted, Hand Hammered gems! Actual 15" LIGHT HATS! 

Offered up for pleasure is this pair of Gorgeous handmade, Hand Hammered Masterwork 15" GALAXY EXTRA THIN Hi Hats that are in NEW Condition and comes IN THE BAG. Check out the pictures! There are


nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on these DRY yet COMPLEX wonders. They're BRAND NEW!! Beautiful. Completely Hand Made!!

Really gorgeous craftsmanship on these 15"s!!  HAND HAMMERED ALL OVER!!!

As you can see these have a mostly raw-looking, heavily hand hammered playing surface with the outer 2"s being gloriously lathed, and a fully lathed underside.  Dry attack from the unlathed top, and a hint of DARK complexity to the wash from the fully lathed bottom!

Weighing in at a light 920 grams for the top cymbal and 995 grams for the bottom, this pair of Masterworks play like thin and fairly complex LIGHT HATS or old school vintage Zildjian complex 15s"!  The weight are thin and they have a terrific response and low to medium level volumes. This pair is heavily hand hammered. Reminiscent of a Turk style with the undersides fully lathed like a Traditional. Ahhhh...the joy! These Galaxy Hats have the uncanny characteristic of being DRY AND COMPLEX and the same time.

The craftsmanship on this pair is unique and gorgeous!! An amazing instrument! And a tone you only get close to on old school Zildjians or Istanbul Ks. 

Obviously this pair of Big & Dry Masterwork Galaxy Hats are a no brainer for blues, ballads, trio work, folk, soul...and jazz. However the fun doesn't stop there. You can use them for mellower funk, fusion, country, mellow pop, rock and ANYTIME you need a great, DRY, dark, old school, Turkish Hand Hammered tone that's STILL Complex--even for just a moment.

$559.99??  For a pair of machine made Zildjians?

$440 for big box store A Customs??

Ummmmm...these really ARE Hand Hammered. And it'll eat a pair of K Cons for breakfast - they're infinitely more MUSICAL and a joy to play!

So do yourself a favor and grab this pair of BRAND NEW Condition DARK and DRY, unique Masterwork Galaxy 15" Extra Thin Hats. And hang onto them.

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