Price: $214.99

$419.99!! That is how much a new Zildjian K Constantinople Crash will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price too. If you're on a shoestring budget you can get a K Dark Thin Crash for $340...

Now check out this Hammered THIN TURKISH Beauty Queen...(actually made in the former Constantinople.)

AND INSANELY BENDABLE AND DARK!!! AND ACTUALLY PAPER THIN DARK CRASH!! IMAGINE THAT!!  Like an AGOP Sig but with a the famous Jazz Master golden lathed underside!  You could even use this beauty with a hand percussion setup. 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this gorgeous, DARK and COMPLEX Top of the Line Masterwork Master's Choice 18" Paperthin Crash that is in NEW Condition and in the bag. Check out the pictures! 10 outta 10! 

And look at the craftsmanship that went into this thing. It's beautiful!

This is Masterwork's newest TOP OF THE LINE series! These things sound amazing! Classic Turkish Tone!

As you can see the playing surface is mostly RAW & HEAVILY HAMMERED with very THIN, GOLDEN LATHING. STUNNING!!!

Weighing in at a svelte 948 grams (this is a freakin' 18"!) this Masterwork plays like a beautiful PaperThin Crash. Like an ACTUAL PAPER THIN!! 

The tone is wonderfully dark, smokey, organic and COMPLEX. And it's extremely RESPONSIVE!! 

There are tons of overtones swimming around on this 18". CLASSIC Turkish Tone. The spread is terrific, and the wash is FULL with a great fast sustain. It billows out rapidly and then dissipates quickly! 

And this 18" projects quite well for only being 948 grams. This is a very well-balanced SMOKY Dark Complex Crash.

You can use this Masterwork Master's Choice 18" for absolutely ANY style of music. Its dark, smokey organic complex tone is perfect for jazz, definitely blues, and trio work, and its broad spread, full wash and good projection make it a welcomed addition to any funk, fusion, country, reggae, R&B, and even a mellow pop or rock setup. Use it ANYTIME you need a great complex, dark, organic, smokey Hand Hammered Turkish tone that is wonderfully RESPONSIVE! 


This 18" is a K Killer. NO ONE even MAKES a cymbal like this one the market!! NOT THIS THIN! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this BRAND NEW Condition Top of the Line, actually hand hammered 948 gram Masterwork MASTER'S CHOICE 18" Paperthin Crash.

It's a beautiful instrument.

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