RARE DARK DRY Hand Hammered Masterwork Natural 14" CHINA CYMBAL 710 G

Price: $119.99


Here's a kickass Hand Hammered DARK & DRY China...that's Hard to Find!!

Why the hell spend $220 on a damn Zildjian Oriental China Trash??

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Top of the Line, HAND HAMMERED, DRY, DARK, & QUICK Masterwork Natural 14" China that is in BRAND NEW Condition. Check out the pictures!

I am thrilled to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this handsome 14". And look at the craftsmanship that went into this thing. It's beautiful!!

Perfect as a MINI CHINA or EFFECTS cymbal stacker!! 

This particular 12" is THIN to MEDIUM THIN with a FLANGED EDGE!! It's not paperthin and wobbly, but at 710 grams it still has a wonderful complexity to it, despite being unlathed. That's the Turkish Magic! A beauty! Raw and unlathed and heavily hand hammered.

Weighing in at a DELICIOUS 710 grams this 14" plays like a MEDIUM THIN, fairly DRY Dark China Cymbal. The tone is dark, and being an Masterwork Natural this cymbal has a gorgeous DRY tone to it. Dark and DRY with a quick decay thanks to its 14" size!  

It's AMAZING for Punches and Accents! Hand percussion or as an effect!! 

You can use this Top of the Line Hand Hammered Masterork Natural China for whatever your heart's desire. It's perfect for trio work, blues, ballads, soul, pop, rock, avante garde, punk, world music, acoustic settings, singer/songwriter gigs, folk, hand percussion and...definitely jazz. Use it ANYTIME you need a gorgeous, dark, DRY China that gets out of the way quickly.

A real head-turner at ANY volume!

So do yourself a favor and grab this Hard to Find BRAND NEW Condition Hand Hammered 710 gram Masterwork Natural 14" China. It's a beautiful instrument.


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