IN BAG Hand Hammered Meinl BYZANCE 22" MEDIUM RIDE IN THE BAG 2896 Gs

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That is how much a new Meinl Byzance 22" Medium Ride will set you back. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price.

I'm not making that up! It's $470 ON SALE!!!


And you don't have to sacrifice tone or CONDITION!!

I happen to have right here...CLEAN AS HELL AND IN THE BAG....And this particular one is definitely more complex than most 22" Byzance Mediums I've heard.

Offered up for your immense pleasure is this Gorgeous sounding Hand Hammered Meinl BYZANCE 22" MEDIUM RIDE that is in absolutely AMAZING Condition and comes in the Byzance Bag!!!! Checkout the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this Turkish Queen. It's CLEAN!!!!

SO CLEAN IN FACT THIS 22" COULD PASS AS NEW!!! And check out the deep hammering on this 22". Gorgeous!

Weighing in at a beautiful 2896 grams, this Byzance plays like a WARM, SEMI-DARK, and definitely COMPLEX sounding Medium Low pitched, MEDIUM Ride.

The tone is exceptionally warm, semi-dark, and medium-low pitched. What I specifically dig about this 22" is that it has all the warm dark leanings of Meinl's Hand Hammered Series, the stick definition is STRONG and articulated quite well--it has a subtle chime-like tone. The wash is fairly complex fopr the series, the stick attack breathes. This 22" has a great liveliness to it!  BUT (and this is what I really dig,) the tone is not nearly as harsh or bright as a modern Zildjian Ride. This Byzance is considerably SMOOTHER sounding than Zildjians. The overtones are more pleasing, and it's not grating or annoyingly high-pitched.

But overall it is pretty COMPLEX for this series.

The bell, of course, KICKS ASS! Extremely strong and powerful. It'll cut through even in heavy rock.

If you crash/ride on it, all hell breaks lose.

This Hand Hammered Turkish Meinl Byzance Medium Ride is a no brainer for rock, classic rock, funk, fusion, pop, country, R&B, and indie rock.  Perfect anytime you need a great Turkish Hand Hammered warm, semi-dark, Smooth PING Ride tone with definition and a strong bell that will project.


THIS ONE is in AMAZING Condition and IN THE BAG!! And it's very musical too. SAVE A TON OF MONEY!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this SUPER CLEAN, 2896 gram, complex sounding Hand Hammered Turkish Meinl BYZANCE 22" Medium Ride.

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