PAISTE 602 24" Modern Essentials Ride AMAZING CD 3994 Gs VINNIE $660?

Price: $469.99


Seriously.  I didn't make that number up...

That is how much a new Paiste 602 24" Modern Essentials Ride will set you back. And that's not the sales price!  That's the guaranteed lowest price!!!

$660!!!!! ON SALE!!

HOLY HELL!!!! And TONS of these stores don't actually HAVE THIS CYMBAL IN STOCK!!

But I'm not here just to blaspheme, and so it is with unbridled JOY that I offer up that SAME $660 cymbal....for much, much, much less. 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24" Ride that is in AMAZING Condition and comes IN THE BAG. Check out the pictures! Remarkably, there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this B20 Beauty. It's in GREAT!! VERY CLEAN!!!   In fact this 24" could pass for BRAND NEW!!!! The bag has a some wear. That is it. (yes, the plastic bag, that is all.)

Here's what Paiste has to say for themselves:

"Full, rich, warm, strong, deep, silvery. Wide range, complex mix. Responsive and even feel. Warm sparkling stick sound over a wide, deep wash. Fairly quick, hefty crash sound. Extremely dynamic and lively Ride cymbal, suitable for many musical styles"

And since Vinnie Colaiuta was the "inspiration" for these Rides here's his take:

“A translucent warmth with definition and a really good controllable wash in the right proportions”

Warmth you can see right through.  It's a good thing he's a drummer and not an author.

Weighing in at a lovely 3994 grams, this 602 plays like a Classic Medium to Medium Heavy Ride. What's interesting about this specific 602 the initial attack has a slightly chime-like quality that is followed by a semi-dark, medium wash. I would not call this cymbal dry, however it does have a great stick definition that rides on top. The bell is medium in pitch and solid. And of course it has that inimitable CLEAN, clear Paiste 602 tone. Nothing sounds quite like it.

This Paiste 602 24" Modern Essentials Ride is a fantastic workhorse cymbal. Rock, funk, pop, classic rock, punk, country, big blues, or jazz, use it ANYTIME you need a great semi- dark, clean Paiste B20 602 tone with terrific stick attack!

It's as versatile as its namesake.

$660???  For a cymbal???  Does it come with a TV?  Or at least a free year of Netflix???

Save that hard earned cash!! THIS ONE SOUNDS FANTASTIC!! And it's INSANELY CLEAN!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this 3994 gram Paiste 602 24" Modern Essentials Ride!

And HANG ON TO IT!! Who knows when Paiste could up and discontinue the 602s  24s"!

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