KILLER NO LONGER MADE Paiste 20" Dimensions Power Ride! EXCD! 2848 Gs

Price: $169.99

$440. That is how much a top of the line Paiste Dimensions Power Ride WOULD HAVE set you back. But the Dimesions Series has gone the way of the Black is unfortunately extinic.  But unlike the Black Rhino the Dimensions weren't hunted down and massacred...Paiste just decided to pull the plug.  Very short sighted. 

Fortunately I happen to have a top of the line and Paiste 20" Dimensions Power Ride that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures. There are


Nicks, Cracks, Dings, or Dents on this 20"!! It's in GREAT SHAPE with a wonderful patina that has befriended it.

Dig the hammering and pinpoint lathing.

Weighing in at a healthy 2848 grams this 20" plays like a Medium Heavy to Heavy Power Ride!!!  What's fascinating about this specific Paiste 20" is that it is fairly dark and slightly complex for being a Power Ride. Now of course it's not dark like a Paiste Traditional, however Power Rides are almost always bright and higher pitched. And this one is darker than most.

There are several interesting characteristics about this Paiste. As you can see, the bell is lathed similarly to a Paiste Signature, however once you get off the bell, the lathing is extremely THIN-Giant Beat thin. The surface has been heavily hammered and has a semi-brilliant finish on the top, however the underside looks more Raw and Hammered.

The 6" bell is med-low in pitch, separated, and cuts supremely-no surprises there. When played on the surface, this 20" Paiste delivers a great attack followed by a swelling wash underneath however the initial attack stays strong-perhaps one of the most defined attacks for a Power Ride. The wash is med-full, slightly dark and a bit complex. And if you crash on the edge of this 20" you get a barrage of white noise that's perfect for heavier playing.

This is obviously a great ride for Rock, funk, fusion, punk, big blues, emo, country, big LIVE situations and anytime you need a med-low, med-full, slightly dark ride that cuts.

And this beast is NO LONGER MADE!!!

So do yourself a favor and grab this NO LONGER MADE, 2848 gram, PAISTE 20" Dimensions Power Ride!!!

And hang onto it!!!

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