RARE DRY 1978 Vintage BLACK LABEL PAISTE 602 18" MEDIUM Ride 1922 Gs

Price: $279.99


$477.00!! That's how much a new Paiste 602 20" Medium Ride will set you back!

With a weight of 1922 grams this lovely 602 plays like a DRY Medium Ride.  It's a great multi-purpose cymbal or a lovely Left Side Light Ride if you have a soft touch. Paperthin 602s sound gorgeous, but they lack projection. THIS 18" 602 has projection and has the best bell and stick attack of ANY 18" 602! AND still maintains that Clean, Clear Vintage Paiste tone. The lathing and hammering is all 602-beautiful.

How much for an 18"?  That is a question for the Paiste Family, because they NO LONGER MAKE A 602 18" RIDE!!  You won't find one at a big box store, that's for sure.

You know who does have one?  This guy right here!!!

And this beauty is from 1978 and it's DAMN HARD to find this exceptionally DRY sounding, very controlled 18" "MEDIUM RIDE."  This isn't a "Medium." It's factory stamped "MEDIUM RIDE!" 

Posted for your immense enjoyment is this Vintage Paiste Black Label 602 18" MEDIUM RIDE that is in Very Good Condition.  Check out the pictures.  I'm happy to report there are


Cracks on this vintage B20 gem.  It's got a lovely patina that has befriended it and helps control the tone a pinch, and some light edge wear that should be no concern.

This 602 has a very solid, chime-like stick attack!  It sounds like the ride from Pink Floyd's The WALL.

DRY. Very strong and articulate chime-like attack. Overall low in pitch with darker leanings and that classic, CLEAN, 602 shimmer. Very strong bell for an 18". Overall dry and CONTROLLED!

This 18" would be a prime candidate for rivets if you're so inclined.

When you crash on it it unleashes a wall of white noise!! 

This Vintage Paiste 602 18" MEDIUM Ride is gorgeous for Rock, Jazz, Bop, Swing, funk, fusion, country, Classic Rock, pop, and ANYTIME you need a CLEAN Paiste B20 Alloy 18" Ride with Projection. It absolutely SINGS in live settings.  So hang onto this vintage 602 and keep it in great condition and it will definitely appreciate.

$477 for a new Paiste 602? Hell ANY 602 18" Crash is $420!! 

It's damn near impossible to find the 18" factory STAMPED "MEDIUM RIDE!"

Do yourself a favor and grab this exceptionally RARE Vintage Paiste Black Label 602 18" Medium Ride, and hang on to it.


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