GORGEOUS PAISTE 20" GIANT BEAT Crash Multi Purpose Cymbal! 1834 Gs!

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Price: $189.99

Check out THIS GIANT BEAT!!! There's NO NEED TO SPEND $334 for a new one!

Posted for your immense pleasure is this Top of the Line Paiste 20" Giant Beat Crash Ride Multi Application Cymbal that is in TERRIFIC Condition. Check out the pictures! I am thrilled to report that this Giant Beat is very clean, it has a few wavy spots on the edge, like almost all thin Paistes do. Nothing that affects tone or longevity at all. They're small.

As you can see, it's remarkably clean. 

As many of you may know, the Giant Beats were a perennial favorite of John Bonham. The pre-cursor to the 2002 Series, they're made from the same alloy but have a superfine lathing and I believe are a bit thinner than your garden variety 2002.

Paiste describes this cymbal as:

"Bright and warm with a multilayered, full, dark, glassily splendid presence."

As you can see, this cymbal, like all Giant Beats, is not stamped "Crash" or "Ride." Paiste considers the Giant Beats to be Application cymbals. And the are.

Weighing in at a lovely 1834 grams this Paiste plays like a great Thin or possibly Medium Thin Crash. The tone is semi-dark with a subtle, glassy shimmer. The decay is medium fast for a 20". And it's responsive at lower level volumes--compliments of the thinner weight.  

This Paiste Giant Beat 20" is a real workhorse cymbal. Jazz, blues, funk, fusion, pop, country, gospel, reggae, rock--this GB will fit right in. And if you dig Classic Bonham tone, then look no further.


So do yourself a favor and grab Top of the Line Paiste Giant Beat 20" Crash Multi Application Cymbal.

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