RARE DISCONTINUED CLEAN 1986 PAISTE 3000 14" Heavy Hihats 962 &1212g

Price: $219.99


$400!! Wow! That is how much a pair of new Paiste 2002 14" Heavy Hihats will set you back.

Now check out these hard to find no longer made beauties...and they're EXTREMELY CLEAN for being 33 years old!! 

As many of you may know, the Paiste 3000 Series was the famous 2002 alloy combined with (the soon-to-debut) Paiste SIGNATURE lathing and hammering! 

They came out right before the Signature line. 

Offered up for your enjoyment is this RARE pair of NO LONGER MADE PAISTE 3000 14" Heavy Hihats that are in AMAZING Condition. Check out the pictures. There are


nicks, dents, or cracks on these gems! They're in GREAT SHAPE with a light patina that has befriended them.  These are fairly hard Paistes to find and I've never seen a pair THIS CLEAN!!

The weights are 962 grams for the top and 1212 grams for the bottom.

These Paiste 3000 hihats combine the CLEAN AND CRISP, smooth Signature craftsmanship and tone with incredible projection capability of the famous 2002s. The really shine when you're standing about 20 or 30 or 90 feet away. That's why they're excellent for LIVE situations. They cut extremely well and can match the dynamic level of your snare drum.

Compared to the 2002 Series, the 3000s were DARKER and a pinch more complex sounding, and this pair of 14" Heavies is no exception. 

They sound like RATT meets Motley Crue meets Bon Jovi! It's that CRISP, instantly identifiable STADIUM ROCK TONE!! 

These no longer made Paiste 3000 14" Heavy Hihats are a no brainer for Rock, Big rock, BIGGER rock, funk, big blues, pop, punk, and ANYTIME you need a crisp and CLEAN slightly darker Paiste tone that will CUT! 


$400 for the regular Guitar Center 2002s?? You hardly EVER SEE THESE 3000s! 

So do yourself a favor and grab these fantastic NO LONGER MADE, VERY CLEAN PAISTE 3000 14" Heavy Hats, and hang on to them.

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