Vintage ULTRA PAPERTHIN Pre-Serial PAISTE 602 14" Hihats 698 & 816 Gs

Price: $479.99


That's $570 for the modern "re-issue" 602s.

But these are the ones that MADE the great music we all hear! 

698 and 816 grams!!! That is SUPER THIN!!!!! One of the THINNEST PAIRS I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED! 

That top cymbal is 120 grams lighter than most even pres-serial paperthins!!! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this lovely pair of Hard to Find Exceptionally THIN PRE-SERIAL Vintage Paiste B20 ALLOY SLIGHTLY COMPLEX SOUNDING 602 14" Hihats that are in TERRIFIC CONDITION!! 

That's right. EARLY VERY THIN Paiste 602 Hihats. Remarkably there are


cracks, nicks, dings or dents on these Pre-Serial beauties. They're in GREAT SHAPE with a lovely patina that has befriended them.

Really nice played in vibe on these 602s.  They have a stunning GOLDEN, glowing sound and look! 

The Top Cymbal weighs a lightweight 698 grams. The Bottom Cymbal weighs in at 816 grams. 

And that's VERY PAPERTHIN, depending on your illicit habits (ok, ok, no need to get alarmed, just a little cymbal gram weight humor there.)

Papery, sibilant, wispy, responsive, warm, smooth and wonderfully slightly complex B20 Vintage Paiste 602 Tone!! 

Just a classic vibe. And the patina and 50 years softens up the tone a pinch-a bit drier and more mellow. 

And unfortunately Paiste makes NOTHING that sounds like these 602s today. Don't get me wrong, I like the new modern 602s.....but they sure as hell don't sound like these played in beauties!!! 

You can use these Early 602 Hihats for whatever the hell you want. Jazz, funk, soul, blues, definitely session work, trios, folk, pop, old school funk, rockabilly.

Just don't SLAM on them, because that they are quite THIN. 

And there are hardly any of these THIN 602 Paistes around these days. So we want to keep these Rare Beauties alive.

$570 for the modern "Re-issue" ones that are hundreds of grams heavier?  REALLY?Get THE HALF-CENTURY OLD ORIGINALS for LESS! 

So do yourself a favor and grab these simply gorgeous and slightly complex sounding, very responsive, and definitely Hard to Find 698 and 816 gram PAPER THIN Vintage Paiste 602 EARLY 14" Hihats.

And hang onto them dammit!

Use these Beauties on your next gig or store them in the closet and watch them appreciate. 

Because they sure as hell will!!

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