Price: $324.99


That what a new Paiste Dark Energy Mark I 20" Ride will cost you. And no, that's not list. This is one of Paiste's MOST EXPENSIVE cymbals.

For the 20"!!  OVER HALF A GRAND!!! 

And I can't blame Paiste either, these Dark Energies are special. I could see how it might go to their head.

But just because they COST over HALF A GRAND sure as hell doesn't mean you need TO SPEND that HALF A GRAND!!!


And a wonderfully DARK and CLEAN ONE!! NO DENTS OR DINGS!! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this creme de la creme PAISTE DARK ENERGY Mark I 20" Ride that is in ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Condition! Check out the pictures!!!!  I'm thrilled to report there are


Nicks, cracks, dents, dings or keyholing on this 20". 

It's in AMAZING shape! VERY CLEAN!!! A little tape residue on the bottom - that's WORTH SAVING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! 

THERE is NONE of that typical edge wavi-ness that you normally see on these beauties!

What a gem. The bell, the wide lathing, the intense hammering, the organic, raw play. And what's nice about this specific Paiste is that although the Dark energies can often feel rigid, THIS ONE is a bit more played-in and soft. It's aged quite nicely and will continue to do so.  It has a very dark appearance to it! Look at the close-ups! 

Here's what Paiste has to say for themselves on this one:

"A fusion of darkness, energy, projection and brilliance. Very wide range, complex, musical mix. Responsive feel, extremely controllable. Woody, silvery, spanky ping over crunchy, thriving wash. Extremely versatile, flexible ride for wide ranging application in modern blended music styles. Mark I: Tends to be a bit quieter, darker and drier. This manifests itself in the overall sound character and in particular in the bell and ping sound."

Woody and Spanky?  Come on Paiste...I need to take a shower now!

What's fascinating about this 20" DE is it's wonderful mixture of the dark, the dry, and the slightly complex. The bell is solid. If you wander south a bit, you get a focused dark, semi-dry tone. And if you play this 20" on the very last inch of the border, you get an expanding beautiful tone that you can really dig deep into.

This is an exceptionally GORGEOUS looking and sounding Paiste!! 

The weight is 2373 grams.

You can use this 20" Dark Energy for whatever the hell you want. It's Dark, semi-dry, and has a slightly complex tone but it never gets away from you. Rock, funk, obviously jazz, blues, soul, it's dry enough for Techno & electronic, and certainly prime for recording.


That's a lot of loot...that you DON'T HAVE TO SPEND! And you need not sacrifice TONE nor condition!! 

So do yourself a favor and grab this beautiful sounding 2373 gram VERY CLEAN and DARK Paiste 20" Mark I Dark Energy Ride cymbal.


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