Price: $279.99

Here's a RARE, NO LONGER MADE SIGNATURE FROM 1999! And it's VERY CLEAN for being nearly over 20 years old! 

$440.00!! That is how much a new Paiste Signature 20" Ride will set you back. 

Of course there is no way that new Signature will be a Bright Ride, for you see Paiste has DISCONTINUED the Signature Bright Ride!!

Along with almost all the other Signatures.

Sure you could get one of those half-assed Paiste PRECISION Rides for $400! 

Which is like a Paiste Signature SKIM MILK!! 

But hey, I'm your friend, and to sweeten our relationship, I'm offering up this NO LONGER MADE super EARLIER 1999 Paiste Signature 20" BRIGHT Ride that is in FANTASTIC Condition. Check out the pictures! There are


nicks, cracks, dents, dings on this Discontinued 20".  It's in GREAT SHAPE with a lovely, light patina that has befriend it over the years.  This particular Bright Ride is from 1999, so it's had 22 years to age!

Paiste described this 20" as:

"Very bright, brilliant, full. Fairly narrow range, very clean mix. Pronounced crisp, silvery ping over a clean controlled wash. Well suited for precise, controlled ride playing with a bright feel."

And that was accurate, still is I guess, but they don't make it anymore, so whatever…thanks for kicking us in the nuts Paiste.

Weighing in at a luscious 2564 grams this Paiste plays like the bastard child of a Signature Full Ride and a Signature Dry Heavy Ride. The tone is brighter, higher pitched, and more controlled than the Full Ride, but it has the ATTACK of a DRIER SIGNATURE but is not as heavy handed or dry as the Signature Dry Heavy Ride. And of course it has that CLEAN Paiste B15 Signature tone.

The bell measures a generous 5.5 inches and cuts supremely.

Obviously this Paiste Signature 20" Bright Ride is perfect for Rock, classic rock, blues, funk, fusion, punk, country, pop, session work, and ANYTIME you need a great Clean, Bright, slightly controlled, slightly DRY Paiste Signature tone that will project and has a strong attack.  

$440.00????!!!  For a Signature Full Ride??? $400 for the lower level Paiste Signature PRECISION??

This BRIGHT RIDE is in FANTASTIC condition.  And it's NO LONGER MADE!!! And it's from those hopeful EARLIER Signature days at Paiste. 

So do yourself a favor and grab this perennially popular DISCONTINUED, slightly DRY Paiste Signature Bright Ride...and hang on to it.  Paiste has a knack for discontinuing their best cymbals.


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