Price: $169.99

$445 is how much a brand new Sabian HH Raw Bell Dry Ride will cost you. And that's the Guaranteed Lowest Price.


But, you don't need to spend that much to get a great sounding Raw Bell Dry Ride...no one need sacrifice TONE!

Offered up for your pleasure is this SABIAN HH Hand Hammered BRILLIANT FINISH 21" RAW BELL DRY RIDE that is in EXCELLENT Condition. Check out the pictures. I am thrilled to report that there are


Nicks, cracks, dents, or dings on this 21". It's in GREAT SHAPE with a nice patina starting to form that gives this HH a great, non-stiff, played-in vibe.

And this HH is reminiscent of the older and discontinued Sabian Phil Collins Signature Ride. A beautiful 21"!

This Sabian has the telltale HH Hand Hammerings, it has the circular hammering under the bell, it's a heavier weight, and the bell is raw, unlathed, and hammered!!!

THIS PARTICULAR HH has a terrific attack-it's overall focused with very strong stick articulation and the Dark Shimmer that only a Brilliant Finish would provide.

Sabian describes their $445 HH Raw Bell Ride as:

"Sabian Hand-Hammered series cymbals are warm, imaginative, and emotional. Hand Hammered speaks with a musical darkness steeped in nearly 400 years of cymbal-making history. Sabian artisans craft their secret process bronze into soulful cymbals, rich with dark, traditional tone. It's a complex blend of sounds that comes together in a warm, musical mix."

Weighing in at a glorious 3199 grams, this robust HH 21" plays like a Medium Heavy Ride. What I really dig about this cymbal, is that it does not just clang its way through life. It is an HH after all, and HHs are Sabian's Flagship Series. And this 21" is Smoooooo00000OOOOTH. AND THAT BRILLIANT FINISH PROVIDES A WONDERFUL DARK SHIMMER!!!!

The bell on this Beast is EXTREMELY Solid and slices through guitar players with ease, all the while maintaining the etiquette of an HH. As you migrate down to the plain of this Raw Bell Dry Ride, you get a fantastic, aggressive stick definition (that's the "Dry" part) that remains focused. The wash shimmers underneath but it does not eclipse the initial attack.

Very strong medium low pitched Dry Ping tone on this beauty!!A wonderfully versatile HH!

You can use this Sabian Hand Hammered 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride on whatever the hell you want. It's supreme projection and penchant for impaling guitarists makes it a lovely choice for rock, classic rock, pop, punk and heavier styles, however, its application is not limited to inciting riots. Its fairly dry, GLASSY shimmering tone is perfect for funk, fusion, country, R&B, hip-hop, and session work.


SAVE that hard-earned $MONEY$!!! THIS BEAUTY IS LESS THAN HALF THAT PRICE!! And NO sonic sacrifice!

So do yourself a favor and grab this  beautifully focused with solid stick attack Flagship 3199 gram Sabian HH Brilliant Finish 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride.

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