CLEAN DARK & DRY Sabian Jojo Mayer HHX 13" FIERCE Hihats 790 & 1250 G

Price: $279.99

Driving through the Mojave Desert last week only brought to mind one thing:

This Top of the Line CLEAN AND IN THE BAG Sabian HHX 13" Jojo Mayer FIERCE Hihats.

Like the Mojave, these unlathed and heavily hammered 13"s are  EXTREMELY dry-perhaps the driest hats on the market.

They're DRY.

And when that cheerful orb in the sky sets on that barren desert land, the only source of light is the time worn stars-yep, it's about as dark as these Jojo Mayer hats are.

And yet the Mojave is not dead. It teems with life hell bent on adaptability.

And with a SALE price of $400.00, these Sabian Fierce Hats costs about as much as a "going 104 mph in a 70 mph zone, sir" speeding ticket in the Mojave.

Check out the pictures. Unlathed but uniquely and heavily hammered. You need not sacrifice tone, condition, or $400!! 

And at a lovely 790 grams for the top cymbal and 1250 grams for the bottom, these 13"s plays like a Medium Thin to Medium ULTRA DRY Hats.  Being HHX Hihats there is a pinch of compleity - only a brief shadow. Overall these Hihats are very dry with tremendous articulation! 

AND they're have a tight, crisp CHICK tone and being 13s", they have a fast playability. 

And  I am thrilled to report that these Fierce Ride are in AMAZING CONDITION and come in the Sabian Bag! There are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings. They're in great shape and look IDENTICAL TO A BRAND NEW PAIR! They're been used a total of 6 minutes!! 

These Sabian 13" Jojo Mayer hats are great for jazz, blues, ballads, loops and samples, drum and bass, R&B, fusion, gospel, hip hop, and ANYTHING dark and soulful. 

$400??  There's NO NEED TO SPEND FULL POP!! 

THESE ARE IN AMAZING SHAPE! And sound phenomenal too!

So do yourself a favor and grab these Top of the Line HHX FIERCE Sabian VAULT JOJO MAYER 13" Fierce HiHats that comeIN THE BAG!

And hang onto them!!

And do yourself a favor and visit the Mojave.

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