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You know what sucks, a lot of people were not sure what exactly the VAULT Ride was, it was a victim of confusing marketing. But if you just LOOK at it, you'll see it's actually quite an interesting, versatile 20".

The TOP is fully lathed and has a Brilliant Finish, while the UNDERSIDE is RAW and UNLATHED, and gives this Vault Ride a SEMI-DRY, FOCUSED, stick definition--which is a fantastic combo when you want a ride that has fantastic stick DEFINITION and a controlled wash--it's like a tighter, more controlled, more even and balanced PING Ride-but lower pitched and a bit darker. 

And this beauty actually cost $330 when they WERE produced.

Fortunately you can play a a fantastic, Top of the Line Sabian, for the price of some crappy, Paiste PST7 Ride.

And this 20" is VERY SHINY CLEAN!! 

Posted for your immense pleasure is this lovely, DISCONTINUED Sabian VAULT 20" RIDE Cymbal that is in absolutely TERRIFIC Condition!! Check out the pictures! I am happy to report that there are


nicks, cracks, dents or dings on this VAULT. It's in GREAT SHAPE with the earliest signs of a light patina that will befriend it in the years to come. As you can see, overall this beauty IS CLEAN!!!

Sabian described this cymbal as:

"Maximizing the cutting potential of the silver in its bronze alloy, this raw-bottom model sounds bright and focused."

Apparently Sabian has added SILVER to the alloy. Again, the Top of this 20" is a Classic thin, fine-lathe with a Brilliant Finish. However, the UNDERSIDE of this cymbal is RAW and UNLATHED--a la the old school Leopard Ride (one of my personal favorites.)

It was a top of the line cymbal that landed somewhere between an AAX Stage Ride, Dry Ride,and an HH Raw Bell Dry Ride. 

Great stick attack on top with a brilliant finish, unlathed bottom for more control and a tighter attack. Fantastic bell! 

Weighing in at a lovely 2508 grams, this VAULT plays like a smoooo00000OOOOth Semi-Bright Medium Ride. The attack is FOCUSED and prominent--compliments of the unlathed underside, and it is followed by a smooth, semi-bright, silvery SHIMMERING wash. This cymbal is considerably smoother and lower pitched than a Ping Ride or garden variety Medium Ride. The Brilliant Finish and the dollop of Silver, truly gives this 20" a shimmering, silvery wash. It's fairly bright BUT NOT AT ALL HARSH. And that's what's cool about this Vault. I would not call this cymbal dry, but the unlathed surface does rein in the wash.

The bell is extremely SOLID and projects something fierce. Very cutting.  A versatile Sabian.

This Top of the Line Sabian is a workhorse cymbal. Its strong bell and brighter leanings make it perfect for rock, pop, funk, country, definitely blues and fusion, reggae, R&B, and session work. And its smooth, silvery shimmer makes it a great Medium Light Ride for jazz and lower volume settings.

There's literally NO NEED to SPEND $300 OR $400 on a new Sabian Top of the Line Ride!

This one sounds amazing and is VERY CLEAN!

So do yourself a favor and grab this great sounding NO LONGER MADE 2508 gram Sabian VAULT 20" Ride!!

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